Samsung TV 2023, LG C1, and Sony X85K – A Brief Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new television, you’ve probably heard of the Samsung TV 2023. You may also have heard of the LG C1 and Sony X85K. While these televisions are not as powerful as some of the more expensive models, they still provide a wide range of features. Here we compare the three models and give a brief overview of their features.

Samsung TV 2023

The new Samsung TV 2023 will be a large screen television, but its features go beyond just that. Its multi-device capabilities will give you the ability to watch TV on any device, no matter which one it is. It will support multiple devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, and even refrigerators. Samsung has partnered with major broadcast networks, including A+E Networks, to provide content to the devices. Other partners include the E.W. Scripps Company, four BBC channels, and local news channels.

There are rumors that Samsung is working on OLED TVs, but it has not yet officially announced this. It is still too early to tell, but some sources have said that the new product is coming in 2023. The company has reportedly agreed to purchase several million OLED panels from LG Display Company. The company will also still sell LCD-based NeoQLED TVs and QD-OLED TVs.

The OLED TV is Samsung’s most expensive model yet, but it does offer some advantages. Its 8.3 million individually-lit pixels produce bold colors and deep blacks, as well as sharp contrast. It also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to upscale content to 4K. It also supports FreeSync Premium and Quantum HDR. Prices start at $2,799 for a 65-inch model.


The LG C1 is an extremely powerful television with excellent image quality. It’s a 48-inch TV and, despite its relatively small size, offers near-flagship quality at an affordable price. It offers excellent contrast and colors, an extremely fast refresh rate, and HDR support.

It features a new processor and AI for enhanced picture quality. The TV can recognize faces on the screen, analyze scene-by-scene information, and upgrade lower-resolution content to a higher resolution. It also supports Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Google Stadia cloud gaming services.

The LG C1 is still the best value in a high-end TV. While its price is high now, it will come down over the next few months. Prices for current-year televisions are usually at their highest in the spring. The price will continue to fall in the coming months, with the best price around Black Friday or the holiday season of 2022.

The Sony A95K TV features a Cognitive Processor that attempts to understand how we view pictures and adjusts the picture to be more realistic. It also divides the screen into zones and enhances specific areas. Moreover, it has a full-range acoustic system that matches the screen and offers 3D surround sound.

Sony X85K

If you’re looking for a new TV at a reasonable price, the Sony X85K is a great choice. This high-definition television comes with an X1 4K HDR processor and will handle just about any content well. Its SDR brightness and color reproduction are good, and the input lag is low. It also supports VRR and Google TV.

The X85K TV is priced below the competition, but it still has a premium look. The price tag is under $700 for the 43-inch version, which comes with many premium features. You can learn more about this TV’s features and pricing at Sony’s website.

Sony X85K TVs have 4K resolution, and are available in 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″, and 85″ sizes. Its QD-OLED panel technology delivers up to 200% more color saturation than a traditional LED-LCD screen. It also boasts a higher peak brightness and wider viewing angles. It also features a new Cognitive XR processor, which promises to improve color and depth mapping.


The BRAVIA XR TV has a center channel role in your home theater setup. When used with a sound bar or home theater system, it can produce 360-degree spatial sound mapping. It even has Acoustic Center Sync, which matches the sound with the picture. It also offers a host of new experiences, including video chat, and gesture controls.

The BRAVIA XR television series features several new models, including the X95K 4K Mini LED model and the MASTER Series A90K 4K OLED models. The new BRAVIA XR TVs feature the company’s newest technology.

The Z9J processor in the Sony TV 2023 BRAVIA xR MASTER Series X9J sets it apart from its competitors. Its superior performance has been compared to a car’s engine. This means that it can reproduce everything in the screen’s picture with astonishing realism. Sony has developed a unique algorithm to achieve this. It can even control thousands of tiny, ultra-dense Mini LEDs. This results in a brilliant picture with deep, natural colors.

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