Samsung TV 2023 – Notable Features

The Samsung TV 2023 will have several notable features. These include Object Tracking Sound and Shape Adaptive Light technology. It will also have a Smart Hub. In addition, the TV will have enhanced brightness. What’s more, it will be able to regulate the brightness in 16,384 zones.

Object Tracking Sound technology

The Samsung TV 2023 features a new processor that makes visuals and audio more realistic. It also features an enhanced version of Object Tracking Sound Pro, which moves sounds around the room based on the action on screen. The technology also uses Adaptive Sound+ to analyze the environment and optimize audio quality.

Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor delivers the latest advancements in picture and sound technology. It includes an advanced contrast mapping algorithm, allowing the TV to process lighting across 16,384 steps instead of four,096 steps. The result is a more immersive viewing experience.

The slimline design is another major feature of this model. The Infinity One Design of the higher-end models uses a minimal bezel to allow edge-to-edge viewing. Other features include a SlimFit Wall Mount option that allows the TV to be flush with the wall. Another variant, Full Motion, adds flexibility by enabling it to be angled 15 degrees vertically and 30 degrees horizontally.

Shape Adaptive Light technology

The Samsung TV 2023 features Shape Adaptive Lighting technology. This technology uses multiple LED layers to adjust light intensity based on the content. This technique helps blend bright objects into dark backgrounds and improves HDR pictures. It also reduces backlight clouding and blocking. The feature is available on all models.

Samsung has continued to focus on developing new features for its popular Neo QLED TVs. These TVs use mini LED backlights to produce a vivid picture. Shape Adaptive Light Control is one of the new technologies that Samsung is developing to improve picture quality. Shape Adaptive Light Control controls the brightness of individual LEDs within the display to produce the optimal level of detail and shadow detail. The new technology also increases the luminance range of the backlight from 12-bits to 14-bits, which the company says improves local dimming accuracy and HDR detail resolution.

Shape Adaptive Light technology analyses the lines and shapes of objects on a screen and controls the amount of light emitted by Quantum Mini LEDs. It also uses an algorithm to process objects and determine their distance to the background, which creates a more realistic picture impression.

Object Tracking

The Samsung TV 2023 features Object Tracking Sound technology, and is equipped with a Neo Quantum Processor 2022 chip that increases audio processing capabilities. This new technology improves the sound quality of TVs by tuning sound based on where the viewer is watching. This new technology also comes with up-firing speakers, which further enhances the sound quality of your television.

In addition to Object Tracking Sound, this TV comes with Dolby Atmos technology. This surround sound feature delivers cinematic surround sound to your viewing experience. The sound of movies and games sounds even more thrilling, thanks to the Object Tracking Sound mode. The 43-inch The Frame is available with the technology, while the 50-inch version comes with Object Tracking Sound Lite.

The QD-OLED panel technology on this TV makes it capable of providing more accurate colours. It also uses a quantum dot RGB layer between the display and the front glass. The result is more realistic, realism, and a wider soundstage. This TV is also equipped with two Up-Firing speakers, one on the back, and one on the top. The speakers can handle 90 watts each.

Smart Hub

The Samsung TV 2023 Smart Hub is a new feature that allows you to access content you’ve watched in the past. This feature allows you to jump right into the content that you were watching without having to navigate through other screens. For example, if you’ve been watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, you can use the Smart Hub to purchase it right from the screen.

Samsung’s Smart Hub includes five panels to help you manage all your content and personalize the experience. You can use these panels to sort media from social networks, access the settings, and even access content. Another feature of the Smart Hub is its integration with the popular video conferencing software Skype. This feature also helps you interact with other devices in your home.

Another cool feature on the new Samsung TV is the “Gaming Hub.” The new Gaming Hub is powered by Tizen and allows gamers to access games from several different platforms in one convenient place. It also supports Bluetooth accessories like controllers and headsets. In the near future, Samsung plans to extend the gaming hub to earlier models.

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