Samsung TV 2023 Review

Samsung’s new television series has many features designed to make your entertainment experience more enjoyable. The new QN900B model is equipped with a 90-watt 6.2.4-channel speaker setup, ‘Object Tracking Sound Pro,’ and ‘Neural Quantum Processor’ technology. This TV’s Ambient Mode lets you tweak sounds and images based on the position of the sound source on the screen.

‘Watch Together’ app lets users video chat while enjoying sync’d playback

Synced playback allows users to view content from two different devices on the same screen. This is possible with the ‘Watch Together’ app for Samsung TV 2023. This app allows users to view movies and videos from any compatible device. Users can invite their friends to watch a movie or video together. The app supports both Android and iOS devices.

The new TVs will also have a gaming hub. This is part of Samsung’s push into new technologies and services. The company previously introduced a gaming bar for its TVs, allowing users to quickly adjust settings for next-gen gaming. However, the new Gaming Hub aims to be the hub for cloud gaming and console gaming.

‘Gaming Hub’ encourages users to discover their TV’s ambient settings

The Gaming Hub app allows users to play games on their television, switch between console and cloud gaming services, and discover their TV’s ambient settings. The new app can be accessed from the main navigation menu. It also offers access to a gallery of more than 1600 pieces of art.

The Samsung Gaming Hub is powered by Tizen and is compatible with games from multiple platforms. It also supports Bluetooth accessories, including game controllers and headsets. This makes it easy to play games with compatible devices. The Gaming Hub will support games from platforms such as Google Stadia, Utomik, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.

‘Neural Quantum Processor’

The Samsung TV 2023 features a neural quantum processor, which is a powerful new technology that uses artificial intelligence to improve video and audio playback. The processor uses 20 neural networks to enhance video and audio playback. The television is also capable of upscaling non-eightk content. It also features a Real Depth Enhancer, which detects the subject of a scene and applies a three-dimensional layering effect to it.

The Samsung TV 2023 features a new Neo QLED display. This screen offers an enhanced viewing experience with its Neural Quantum Processor, which tunes brightness, color temperature, and contrast automatically to deliver the best picture quality. Moreover, the television’s cinematic sound system delivers Doby Atmos-level sound, and the TV also supports 3D surround sound.

‘Object Tracking Sound’ technology

Samsung’s new TVs feature ‘Object Tracking Sound’ technology, which uses multiple built-in speakers to follow the sound of on-screen objects. The QN900B model is especially impressive because it features upfiring speakers that create an even taller soundstage. It also incorporates Dolby Atmos soundtracks, which enhances sound quality and height effects. However, Samsung is still not embracing the Dolby Vision HDR format.

Samsung’s QN90B has the same 4K display technology as the QN95B, but is available in larger sizes and Neo Slim. It is also slightly cheaper than the other two options, which makes it an excellent budget-friendly option. It also includes ‘Object Tracking Sound Lite’ technology and motion Xcelerator Turbo+.

Dolby Atmos sound

Dolby Atmos is a sound system that immerses you in surround sound. The Samsung Q series soundbar supports this new sound technology and works with compatible Samsung TV speakers. Its built-in wireless Dolby Atmos connection maximizes the 3D sound effect on screen. The Q series soundbar also includes Samsung’s Space Fit Sound Advance that helps optimize sound for the size of the room.

Dolby Atmos sound technology is a breakthrough in audio technology. It enhances the sound effect across a wide range and is available on limited models of the Samsung smart TV. Its use is dependent on the type of television you have, so check if the one you have is compatible with Dolby Atmos.

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