Samsung TV 2023 Will Come With a Whole Host of New Features

Samsung had originally planned to release a 101-inch television, but has since pulled the plans. While Samsung hasn’t revealed the final price for this TV, it was previously estimated to cost over $80,000, the same price as a Mercedes CLS. But that’s not all. This TV comes with a whole host of other features, such as Dolby Atmos sound and Object Tracking Sound Pro.

Object Tracking Sound Pro

Object Tracking Sound Pro is an audio enhancement technology for TVs developed by Samsung. It is used to enhance audio quality and create a more realistic viewing experience. This technology is available on certain models of the new Samsung TV 2023. You can use the audio enhancement to improve the sound quality of movies or games.

This feature works by tracking the sound as it moves across the screen. The sound is then sent to the appropriate speakers. This allows the viewer to hear the sound from all angles. This feature makes movies, shows, and games even more enjoyable. It uses a software-based algorithm to make sure that the sound is accurate and moving with the action.

Object Tracking Sound Pro for Samsung TVs uses multiple built-in speakers to track on-screen objects. It also uses upfiring speakers to produce a more immersive sound experience. The technology allows movies to be presented in three-dimensional space. The QN900B features upfiring speakers and a taller soundstage, which helps create height effects from Dolby Atmos soundtracks. However, Samsung continues to eschew Dolby Vision HDR format for its HDR TVs.

The Object Tracking Sound Pro for Samsung TVs supports multiple surround sound formats. Dolby Atmos and Q Symphony virtual surround sound formats are supported. The TV can also connect to compatible soundbars. It is also equipped with a multi-device connection system called OneConnect. This is similar to an HDMI switch that allows users to connect to multiple devices through a single cord. With the right connection, Samsung TVs can create a virtual surround sound system in their living room.

The new Samsung TVs feature a variety of new technologies. For example, Samsung’s 2022 QD-OLED TV has a 144Hz refresh rate and four HDMI 2.1 inputs. It also offers immersive Object Tracking Sound technology, perceptional colour mapping, and OLED brightness booster.

Dolby Atmos sound

Dolby Atmos sound is a surround sound technology that was first introduced to the cinema almost a decade ago. While not all content is compatible with the Dolby Atmos feature, many titles are. You’ll need a compatible television in order to enjoy Dolby Atmos sound.

Dolby Atmos is a multi-channel surround sound that is optimized to fill the room. This new feature gives you a more realistic surround sound experience. This feature works with Samsung TVs that have compatible speakers. You can also purchase wireless soundbars that support Dolby Atmos. These speakers are great for home theaters and can help you enjoy the Dolby Atmos sound on your television.

The Neo QLED from Samsung features Dolby Atmos sound. To enable the feature, go to the Sound menu. This is found under the Settings section. Make sure to set HDMI e-ARC to auto. After that, the sound quality should be excellent. A Samsung TV that supports Dolby Atmos will sound more real-life than your average TV.

Dolby Atmos sound is an essential feature to enjoy immersive sound and the best home theater experience. It allows you to experience high-quality sound through your speakers. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy movies and shows without any compromising. If you are looking to enhance your home theater experience, the 2023 will make the experience even more rewarding. The sound system also supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for a more realistic and immersive experience.

The new Samsung TV 2023 includes the Adaptive Sound and Active Voice Amplifier technologies. This new feature automatically detects noise changes and adjusts its sound accordingly. It also features a dedicated audio feature and smart TV hub.

Exclusive Premieres

Samsung TV will launch a new subscription service in 2023 that includes exclusive premieres of new movies and TV shows. The streaming service is currently free and ad-supported, but this new service will offer more premium content, including feature films and concerts. Samsung is also planning to expand its partnerships with Vice Media and Lionsgate.

The new service will be rolled out across Samsung Smart TVs, mobile apps, and the web. The redesigned service will feature a new look designed by Dixon Baxi, a UK-based branding agency. The design emphasizes the variety of content available on Samsung TV plus. The launch will be celebrated at Samsung’s flagship store in Manhattan’s meatpacking district. The company will also host a panel discussion on the future of fast-moving content, moderated by Michele Castillo. Panelists include Mark Garner, Evan Adelman, and Andy Singer, Chief Content Officer of Samsung TV Plus.

Samsung has a goal of producing 40 million TVs by 2023, cementing its spot as the number one brand in the category. Despite the slowing global economy, the company is optimistic that it can hit this target. It is expected to make 39 million LCD televisions, while another 1.5 million QD-OLED models are on the way.

The new televisions will be available in different sizes and price tags. A 55-inch model will cost $2,199. The 43-inch version will be available in late May. A new projector will launch in June. Samsung’s lifestyle TV lineup has been attractive to look at. The Frame and The Serif series will get a 2022 refresh with matte finishes.


Samsung had planned to introduce a 101-inch television, but did not push the plan ahead. While it did not release the final price, it was reported that it would cost around $80.000. That would make the 101-inch television price nearly as expensive as the Mercedes CLS. Its launch in 2023 is still uncertain.

The company is also facing some production problems. In response, Samsung has partnered with Sony to bring the Sony A95K to market. However, it is unclear if the new models will include the QD-OLED technology. While the company is confident that its new TVs will be able to make up for any problems, the market may be more difficult than expected.

Samsung is not entering the White OLED market, which is currently only produced by LG Display. As a result, it will rely on suppliers like CSOT, HKC, and BOE for LCD panels. However, the company has a dispute with BOE over marketing agreements. Furthermore, it sold its Suzhou factory to a Chinese partner.

The OLED technology is still new, so the price of this television will not be cheap. While some of the products will be more expensive, they should still be more affordable than previous generations. Samsung’s OLED television has 8.3 million individually lit pixels, ensuring vivid colors and incredibly sharp contrast. This model also supports Quantum HDR and FreeSync Premium, giving users more options for high-definition content.

The company has also announced a new promotion called “Samsung Week.” This promotion has Samsung TVs discounted up to 1,000 percent. Among other things, the 65-inch 2022 Frame TV is now $67 cheaper on Amazon.

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