Samsung TV Access Program – Trade in Your Old TV For a New One

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If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading your television, the good news is that Samsung has a great upgrade program. Through the Samsung Access Program, you can trade in your old television for a new one, as long as it meets the Premium Care terms and conditions. You can also trade-in your old television if you’ve outgrown it. To be eligible, you’ll need to purchase at least $50 worth of Samsung products.

This Samsung TV is a good value for the money. Its full feature set is impressive, and its Tizen operating system is virtually identical to that used in its more expensive models. This platform has a winning UI and stacked app selection. It also boasts a 4K resolution and supports HDR formats, but it does not support Dolby Vision. This TV also has a feature called Auto Low Latency Mode, which automatically switches to game mode when it detects a gaming signal.

The Samsung TV app selection is expansive, and it includes all of the popular video, music, and streaming services. The voice command was recently upgraded, enabling you to find and watch content with your voice. The smart interface makes changing settings easy. Once you’ve installed apps, you can customize the TV’s interface and search for them with your voice. There are many more useful features, including a streamlined app store, an easy-to-use interface, and a user-friendly voice command interface.

Samsung’s new flagship televisions take months to launch in shops and online, so you’ll have to wait a while to get your hands on one. However, you can already pre-order the Samsung 2022 Neo QLED and OLED models, which will ship in April and May, respectively. The basic LCD LED models are expected to follow shortly after, too. You can check out our reviews of the new QLED TVs for more information.

Samsung TV Plus also provides a variety of streaming services and is organized much like a cable TV guide. It offers news channels, sports, and live streams. You can add specific shows to your watch list and schedule reminders for when new episodes are available. And you can watch tons of movies on-demand. The selection is endless! It’s hard to decide which streaming service is best for your needs. The Samsung TV Plus app is free and has many benefits for your entertainment needs.

Samsung constantly updates its smart platform, Tizen. In 2017, it added voice capabilities to the smart platform, making menu navigation easier. In 2018, the company introduced the Bixby virtual assistant, which can control other Samsung devices. The 2020 update also introduced a sleeker look and ‘Dark Mode’, which is not as bright as the older versions. And as for its user interface, Samsung has kept its customers in mind by adding more features that make it even more appealing to the average TV user.

Unlike other brands, Samsung TV Plus has inbuilt parental controls. Parents can manage what their kids watch on the TV with the touch of a button. You can use the Samsung TV app to lock certain channels for kids and disable them for younger viewers. It is possible to lock individual channels or categories by entering a PIN or a password. This helps prevent them from changing your channel list without your knowledge. It also prevents others from accessing private content on your TV.

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