Samsung TV New Range 2023

Samsung has announced its new range of televisions for 2023, which have some of the most innovative features in the industry. These include Real Depth Enhancer Pro, Object Tracking Sound Pro, and Micro LED TVs. With these features and many others, it’s no wonder this line is the leader of the pack.

Real Depth Enhancer Pro

For the first time in history, Samsung is introducing an OLED television line featuring Quantum Dot technology. These TVs can convert standard dynamic range content into HDR with the help of Auto HDR Remastering. This feature analyzes and applies HDR effects in real-time. It also enhances the brightness of SDR content.

The ‘lifestyle’ Samsung TVs have stylish designs and customisable bezels. They are a great way to display your photos and personal art work.

With the new Samsung TVs, you can enjoy the best of the picture and sound quality, with new features like the 8K Real Depth Enhancer Pro. It improves the contrast ratio between the foreground and background and makes the image look more lifelike.

Neo QLED TVs have improved colors and peak brightness. They also support HDR10+ and Quantum HDR 24X. And they can be found in 4K and 8K models.

Another feature in the upcoming Samsung Neo QLED TVs is Object Tracking Sound, which uses multiple built-in speakers to track and track on-screen objects. This allows for an immersive audio experience. In addition to that, you can choose from three different sizes, 55, 65, and 77 inches.

Samsung also announced that its 2023 TVs will be equipped with a Neural Quantum Processor. This chip is made up of 64 neural networks, which combine knowledge to upscale images from a 4K/8K Ultra HD television.

Lastly, Samsung will introduce a new software feature called the Object Depth Enhancer. This technology will be used to boost depth and depth of field in pictures. To improve the clarity of the pictures, it will analyze the shapes and lines of a picture. The algorithm will then decide on the best scaling method for the signal.

When the upcoming Neo QLED TVs are introduced, it is expected that they will offer more upgrades. The company promises that certain 4K and 8K models will receive a refresh rate upgrade from 120Hz to 144Hz.

Along with the newly released Neo QLED TVs, Samsung is also expanding its QD-OLED line of displays. The new models will have a 144Hz refresh rate, HyperEfficient EL OLED material, and IntelliSense AI. Also, the new models will consume 25% less power than previous ones.

Object Tracking Sound Pro

Samsung’s new range of televisions includes several features that make these TVs an excellent choice for your home. Some of these include Object Tracking Sound, a feature that works on the software level to change the sound of the TV to match the motion of the objects on the screen.

Object Tracking Sound can be used in TVs that are in the 2.1 acoustic format, or in TVs with a 5.1 acoustic format. These are the only TVs that can use Object Tracking Sound.

Object Tracking Sound works on a software level, and it uses up-firing speakers to help the audio move in sync with the image. The sound is enhanced through a special algorithm that adjusts the sound for better spaciousness.

This year, the top of the range Neo QLEDs from Samsung will be available, featuring a premium super-slim design. They will also feature the Neo Quantum Processor 4K, which will boost visual enhancement technologies. There will also be a 2022 line of 8K and 4K Neo QLED TVs, which will be available from April.

These TVs also come with an NFT platform, which means that they are capable of displaying digital artwork. In addition, they are compatible with Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistant.

These new TVs are also equipped with a dedicated game view mode, which allows you to watch input lag and refresh rate. It also lets you monitor Bluetooth peripheral settings. You can also choose to connect your TV to a compatible soundbar.

As well as the new range of televisions, Samsung has announced three models for the new 2023 Mini LED TV line-up. Each will come with improved processors and lighting control systems.

The QN95B is the priciest model in the Neo QLED range this year. While it features a more expensive design, it still offers a great value for money. With its 12-in-built speakers, a taller soundstage, and practically bezel-less Infinity Screen, this model is an excellent choice for those looking for a 4K TV.

Meanwhile, the QN85B is the cheapest Neo QLED model this year. Despite its low price tag, it doesn’t offer the same HDR performance as the other Neo models. Nevertheless, its integrated speakers provide a virtual 3D surround sound experience.

Micro LED TVs

Samsung’s Micro LED TVs are self-illuminating televisions with tiny, non-organic LEDs that generate their own light. These panels have many advantages over traditional OLEDs. For instance, they are brighter, offer lifelike colours, and produce high-quality blacks.

Samsung has been promoting MicroLED technology for years. The first consumer-grade models were unveiled last year. The company plans to expand the range in 2023.

The company is releasing new Micro LED models in 50, 63, and 76-inch sizes. They will have a variety of features, including a 2 nanosecond response time, 20-bit black-level depth, and a 240Hz variable refresh rate. However, the price remains a mystery.

Samsung will also introduce a 77-inch QD-OLED model in 2023. It is a direct competitor to Sony’s XBR series of 8K TVs. Both use Samsung’s Quantum Dot tech and Neural Quantum Processors. This model is compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification.

Aside from Micro LED TVs, the Samsung lineup includes a variety of Neo QLED models. All of these are AI-powered, with a 14-bit Neural Quantum Processor and Mini-LED backlighting. Among other features, the Samsung Crystal UHD series offers a slim backlight structure and OTS Lite sound system.

Samsung has also been introducing mainstream TVs in recent years. Some of these models feature new light sensors and improved connectivity. In addition, the company will launch an 8K version of its ultra short-throw laser projector.

Although the smallest Micro LED screens will be expensive, the company expects to continue selling the technology in the future. One million units have already been sold.

While the Samsung line has some exciting features, the prices are still out of reach for most consumers. As a result, the company has remained hesitant to provide pricing details.

Until Samsung announces a price for the 76-inch Micro LED CX, we’re left to assume the price will be higher than the flagship Neo QLED 8K TV. Nevertheless, the new range of Micro LEDs is still a step up from last year’s models. Hopefully, the price will come down in the future.

Overall, the new line of Samsung Micro LED TVs offers the ultimate in picture quality and brightness. The company says the lines will set a new standard in 2023.

Cloud-based gaming

The Samsung TV new range 2023 will bring a host of new features to gamers, including 4K cloud-based gaming and more. The company is also introducing its gaming hub and expanding game streaming options. For the first time, owners of select Neo QLED 8K/4K TVs will have the opportunity to stream games from Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Game Bar-esque popups will be available for users to change their game picture or turn on surround sound. Users can also choose to set Low Latency and AI Upscaling. In addition to games, users will have access to gaming news, tutorials, and recommendations.

The new Samsung Smart TVs will support Bluetooth controllers, so users can play games with a single controller. Those who own an Xbox or PlayStation controller will also be able to connect to the system.

During the holiday season, Samsung will run a promotion on its TVs. Customers will be able to play hundreds of Xbox games on their TVs. Owners will be able to purchase a gaming bundle that includes an Xbox controller and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

New models of Samsung Smart TVs will include the Gaming Hub, a cloud-based gaming service that lets users play popular games without the need for a console. The Hub is a similar service to Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming. Unlike the former, the latter is available on both PCs and mobile devices.

Samsung also announced that it would add the Xbox App to its Smart Monitor series and other Samsung TVs. This will allow users to select and play Xbox titles on day one. It will be available in 27 countries.

Samsung has already introduced Gaming Hub to some Smart Monitors and QLED TVs. A few models in the 2022 range will have it as well. There are a few new QLEDs coming out, and the Gaming Hub is available on most of them.

The company’s new lineups also feature faster decoding and less input lag. Additionally, users will have access to newer and thinner designs. These models will also come with better sound systems, calibration options, and visualization choices.

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