Samsung TV Review – QLED Q80T, QN95A, and Samsung TV Plus

samsung tv

The QLED Q80T from Samsung is another great model to consider for your entertainment needs. Its four HDMI inputs support the key features of the new HDMI 2.1 standard, such as eARC, VRR, and HFR. It can also stream 4K HDR content from Netflix, Disney+, and even Apple TV+. Samsung offers many features for its QLED TVs, including a wide range of apps for streaming video and audio.

The Samsung QN95A is a great choice for those on a budget, but it doesn’t come with Dolby Vision support or a full set of next-gen HDMI sockets. Nonetheless, it’s a great TV for gamers and looks stylish. However, it’s a bit bulky compared to a slimmer OLED model. Samsung updated its lifestyle TV lineup as well, adding a new Matte Display to improve the viewing experience.

The Samsung TV Plus app can be used on the Samsung TV and is free to use. You need to set up a user account to use the app, but once you do, you can move from one device to another seamlessly. The update comes from Michael Cardullo, principal product manager for the TV app. Samsung says it has nearly 200 million users across the globe. If you want to use Samsung TV Plus on your Samsung smart TV, you can install it on your Android phone, iOS device, and Windows phone.

With an app selection that includes most popular music and video services, Samsung has a lot of great features to offer. The Samsung TV smart hub interface is easy to navigate and has a toolbar at the bottom of the screen for easier menu navigation. This app is compatible with most Samsung smart TVs and supports Chromium M47 and Webkit version r152340. This makes Samsung TV smart enough for both beginners and seasoned viewers alike.

T2 is a free streaming channel available on Samsung TV Plus, a service that carries the tennis channel in the U.S. The service will feature live streaming of matches 24 hours a day. Samsung TV Plus has an agreement with Sinclair Broadcast Group, the owners of the Tennis Channel. The new channel is a natural fit, as the two companies have worked together on broadcast technology R&D. The executives of T2 declined to elaborate on the new channel’s long-term programming plans, but acknowledged the ambitions of the Samsung TV Plus platform and applications.

You can also control the content available on the TV. Parents can manage what their children can and cannot watch. With the help of PIN codes, parents can control what their children can and cannot watch. The Samsung TVs also feature parental controls to help manage what they watch on their TVs. By using the voice controls and settings menu, you can lock or delete certain apps or channels. The channel list will close if you disable channel locking.

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