Samsung UN19D4000ND Review

The Samsung UN19D4000ND is an LED-LCD monitor with a 19-inch screen. Its resolution is HD, and the average refresh rate is 60 Hz. However, it doesn’t live up to the Haier L19B1120 when it comes to HD resolution and average refresh rate. To find out more about the UN19D4000ND’s features, we turned to SpecsPRO.

Full array backlighting

Full array backlighting is an improvement over the standard edge-lit technology used on edge-lit TVs. With this technology, the LEDs are located around the edge of the screen, so that they can only dim portions of the picture, not the entire picture. The difference is obvious: full array backlighting results in a sharper picture.

Full-array LEDs, also called direct LEDs, feature bulbs that sit behind the display. These LEDs are typically brighter and clearer than edge-lit LEDs, but both provide high-quality images. In addition, they feature a wider color spectrum than edge-lit LEDs.

Full array backlighting is a key feature of a TV’s backlight. It enables the backlight to adjust the intensity and power of each individual LED. This enables the television to display more vivid colors and deeper shadows. Although it’s more expensive than other backlighting methods, it is often the best for viewing HDR content.

Average refresh rate of 60 Hz

A 60 Hz display can display images at two frames per second, which is better for your eyes than the traditional 30 Hz. It’s also better for your budget, as these models cost less than their 120Hz counterparts. However, you might want to upgrade to a higher-end model if you prefer the higher-quality motion handling. Some companies are planning to launch TVs with a 144-Hz native refresh rate by 2022.

Although most TVs refresh at 60 Hz, there are some models that have a 120-Hz refresh rate. This is more common in 1080p HDTVs than in 4K televisions. However, you should be careful to find out the actual refresh rate of a particular TV before making a purchase. A higher refresh rate does not necessarily mean a better TV.

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