Samsung UN19F4000AF Review

LED backlighting makes the picture quality pop

The UN19F4000AF’s LED backlighting makes the picture quality pop, but it is not as bright as a larger LED TV. The Samsung LED backlight does have some color saturation issues, but it can be adjusted in the picture controls menu.

The LEDs used for the backlighting are powered by a six-channel, high-voltage current regulator. The manufacturer has combined three color LEDs into one package for backlighting applications. This LED driver is supplied for this purpose by National Semiconductor. The UN19F4000AF’s backlighting is controlled by an I2C or SMBus serial interface. Alternatively, it can be controlled by an ambient light sensor.

LED backlighting also provides better color gamut and is more efficient than CCFLs. It also addresses one of the biggest problems with LCD and plasma televisions: contrast. With plasma, black areas can be selectively turned off, but CCFLs cannot do this. LEDs can turn on and off quickly, making selected areas truly black.

LED backlighting is energy-efficient

LED backlighting is an energy-efficient way to illuminate your interiors. LEDs have a long life span and perform well under any conditions. They are especially useful for industrial spaces, where temperatures are often extreme and climate control is difficult. Flex Lighting Solutions offers industrial lighting with LEDs with thermal management technologies to ensure optimal performance. These lights have 180-degree illumination, allowing them to provide a wide range of useful light while minimizing energy consumption.

LEDs are made from a semiconductor material called PN junction diode. They are forward biased, and emit light when a higher voltage is applied to the P end of the diode. This causes energy to be released as photons, and different doping chemicals are used to produce different colors of light.

LEDs are small and can produce a wide range of colors. They can be used in electronics and decorations and are ideal for recessed down lights. They are also very energy-efficient, emitting almost no heat compared to conventional light bulbs. CFLs and incandescent bulbs can produce as much as 80% of their energy as heat.

Color curves are good

If you are trying to get the best colors possible for your photographs, color curves are important. This feature lets you adjust the colors to get the desired results. It is also important to think about the tones in the image and how they can affect the viewers’ emotions. Colors are powerful tools to evoke emotions in your viewers.

Color correction is an intensive process and is often overlooked by editors and producers. Nevertheless, the age of do-it-yourselfers means that you can also be a jack-of-all-trades and take advantage of color correction tools. Color curves are a great option for those who have a little knowledge of video editing.


The Samsung UN19F4000AF is a 19-inch LED HDTV that offers a full-HD picture. It features Wide Color Enhancer Plus to improve color range and hues, resulting in a more vibrant viewing experience. Additionally, it has a 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio for vivid LED picture quality. The Samsung UN19F4000AF also has a Clear Motion Rate of 120, which helps it display action-packed movement.


The Samsung UN19F4000AF is a 19-inch widescreen LED HDTV with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The UN19F4000AF features a 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, which means you can enjoy a crisp, clear picture. It also has a Clear Motion Rate 120, which makes it suitable for watching action-packed video games.

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