Samsung UN22F5000AF Review

This Samsung UN22F5000AF review will cover the key features of the monitor, including Picture quality, Refresh rate, and Power consumption. These factors are crucial in determining which model is the best value for your money. This is the reason why this product was chosen as one of our top picks for home theaters. Unlike many other models, the UNF5000AF is able to convey punch and clarity when it comes to the overall impact of movies. In our test, we found the film dialogue to be relatively clear.

Samsung’s UNF5000AF series

Samsung has announced two new smart TV models in its UNF5000AF series. Both feature LED technology and come with HDMI ports. Both models have the same size screen, but differ in the number of HDMI ports they offer. Each also offers the same 1920×1080 pixels Native Video Resolution. You can choose which model will work best for your needs by comparing the features listed above. Read on to find out more. After reading this review, you should be able to decide if the Samsung UNF5000AF series is right for you.

Designed to be affordable and easy to use, the UNF5000AF series from Samsung features a wide range of features, including fast charging and an IP68 rating. This series is compatible with all kinds of devices, including smartphones and tablets. This series features a variety of camera options, including a telephoto lens. It also features an IR sensor and an LED flash. The UNF5000AF series is designed to be dust and water-resistant, which is perfect for those who need a camera to keep their hands clean.

Picture quality

The Samsung UN22F5000AF features a 22-inch screen and the same picture quality as the previous-generation UN22F5500 series. The display’s backlight is extremely bright, resulting in a picture with a very strong contrast. It is prone to moments of oversaturation of the colors, though this can be controlled by turning down the back light setting in the picture settings menu.

The Samsung UN22F5000AF has a screen diagonal of 54.6 cm and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9. It has 2 HDMI ports and a USB port for connecting external devices. It also has an Ethernet port and Chromecast capabilities. You can watch movies and TV shows on it through Wi-Fi. You can use this television to connect to the Internet via the included Chromecast adapter.

Refresh rate

The UN22F5000AF from Samsung has a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Its Full HD 1080p resolution delivers lifelike pictures and redefines reality. Its 120 Hz Clear Motion Rate reflects its image processing speed and backlight technology. You can choose to lower the backlight setting for the best viewing experience. This is one of the best LED TVs currently available in the market. This model is also highly recommended if you are looking for a great display for your home theater.

This Samsung TV comes with Full HD resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9. It also has 2 HDMI ports and one USB port. It can be connected to an external hard drive, and it supports Chromecast. Other notable features include Ethernet ports. If you’re looking for a cheaper option for a 40-inch HDTV, you can check out the UN22F5000AF. You’ll be impressed with its price and picture quality.

Power consumption

The UN22F5000AF is a very good television for a low price, but it doesn’t have many features. To keep up to date on the latest TV reviews, subscribe to the Lab Report newsletter. You’ll also get top product advice. By subscribing, you agree to receive advertising, affiliate links, and our Privacy Policy. To receive our newsletters, please sign up for our free mailing list.


The Samsung UN22F5000AF LED TV is one of the smaller models from the brand this year. Compared to its 19-inch rival, this model is the best-value choice for those looking for a small, compact monitor. Its 1080p screen is ideal for work purposes, though regular programming will not benefit from it. Its 22-inch size provides ample work space. It is priced just above $200.

While this 40-inch LED-LCD television doesn’t offer many bells and whistles, it delivers quality picture and video at a low price. For the money, it has a good refresh rate of 120 Hz. A higher refresh rate means smoother, more realistic videos. If you’re interested in learning more about the UN22F5000AF, here are some reviews of its competitors:

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