Samsung UN28H4500AF Review

For those of you who are looking for a small TV, the Samsung UN28H4500AF is a great choice. This television is small enough to be used as a computer monitor, and also works great as a secondary television. The UN28H4500AF is priced very reasonably for what you get for the price.

Samsung UN28H4500AF 28 inch LED-backlit LCD TV

The Samsung UN28H4500AF is a 28 inch LED-backlit LCD TV with built-in internet connectivity and Smart TV features. It also has a great HD resolution screen and a fast 120 Hz refresh rate, meaning it flashes the picture 120 times per second. This refresh rate allows you to see more natural motion while watching television.

This LED-backlit TV has a smart system that allows you to control it from a single screen. You can access web content and social media with the touch of a button. It also offers access to the latest YouTube hits and entertainment news. This TV also supports many popular entertainment devices, including Blu-ray discs and digital media players.

LED televisions are also much more environmentally friendly than LCD sets. A 46-inch LCD set from 2012 uses 279 kWh of power each year, while an LED set only needs 93 kWh! An LED TV is also a better choice for the environment because it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, such as mercury.

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The Samsung UN28H4500AF is a 28-inch LED-backlit LCD television with built-in internet connectivity and a fast 120 Hz refresh rate. With this faster refresh rate, the picture flashes 120 times per second for more natural motion on the screen. It is a good choice for people who want a TV that has a high refresh rate and can be used for multiple purposes.


A common cause of LED TV UN28H4500AF errors is outdated device drivers or viruses. These can make your computer malfunction without any warning, so it is important to keep your device drivers updated. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain these drivers directly from the manufacturer, and manually updating them can be time-consuming and even risky. Additionally, it is possible to install the wrong driver, which can result in total failure of your device. To avoid this issue, you should always download and install the latest version of the driver for your LED TV.

Color accuracy

The color accuracy of UN28H4500AF is measured in dE (differences between the target and reproduced colors). However, this measurement does not account for perceivable differences in color. For example, two TVs can both produce slightly different reds even if they have the same dE value. However, the error is not large enough to be a distraction – dE errors below 0.5 are not visible.

Color accuracy is important if you plan on using your monitor for color sensitive work. Color accuracy is affected by the type of monitor used and by the manufacturer. Some monitors are more accurate than others. Even though you might not be able to notice a difference in color accuracy, you should still be aware of it.

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