Samsung UN29F4000AF Review

Samsung UE28F4000

The Samsung UE28F4000AF has a 1.9-inch screen with 512-by-260 resolution. Its features include notifications, calendar alerts, music controls, and a built-in MicroSD card slot. The picture quality is also impressive. The Samsung has an excellent color management system and four picture presets. It also includes an NFC chip for Near Field Communication.

The Samsung UE28F4000AF has a user-friendly interface similar to an Android phone. The user interface has five home pages, which include movies and television shows, music, social media, and apps. Other features include Skype and YouTube. The interface is very colorful and quick.

The color quality is good, but the picture washed out in darker areas. It washed out slightly more than the Vizio and Panasonic, but not nearly as badly as the Vizio. The Panasonic and LG were also better in brighter scenes. However, the Samsung tended to go bluish in scenes viewed at an angle.

This LED LCD TV is a good buy. It’s priced midrange, and Samsung sells tons of these. It’s a good choice if you want a new TV with the latest technologies. The UE28F4000AF offers good picture quality and a good sound quality. It also has an impressive range of smart TV features.

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