Samsung UN32C4000PD Review – Price, Features, and Oval “Touch of Color” Stand

If you are in the market for a new LED HDTV, consider the Samsung UN32C4000PD 32-inch television. This review will cover its Price, features, and Oval “touch of color” stand. It is an affordable, high-quality option that delivers impressive picture quality.

Samsung UN32C4000PD 32″ LED HDTV

Samsung’s UN32C4000PD 32″ LED HTV is a good entry-level model if you’re on a budget. With a minimalist design and a hint of red on the bottom lip, this television has a slick, modern aesthetic. In addition, it’s extremely energy-efficient, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious people.

You can mount this TV on the wall with the aid of a wall-mounting bracket and screws. A power-cord clamp is included. You must remove the screw first before you attach the power cord to the TV. Next, install the Blanking Bracket and power-cord as shown.


The Samsung UN32C4000PD is a budget-friendly LED HDTV. It features a minimalist design and a touch of red at the bottom lip. It also features an oval touch-of-color stand and a transparent edge. This makes it the perfect solution for an urban apartment or small space.


The UN32C4000PD has a slim profile and is extremely compact. It measures 30.5″ wide x 19.4″ high x 1.2″ thick. Its minimalist design is accented by a hint of red on the bottom lip. The unit is also equipped with a touch of color stand that’s oval in shape. Its slim form is a sleek and attractive solution to an everyday problem.

Oval “touch of color” stand

The UN32C4000PD is a stylish, lower-end LED HDTV with a sleek design and high-gloss finish. It measures 30.5” wide by 19” tall and is 1.2” thick at its thickest point. It features an elegant and subtle touch of red on the bottom lip and transparent edge. It also comes with an oval “touch of color” stand.

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