Samsung UN32C4000PH Review

This Samsung UN32C4000PH review will provide you with more information about the product, including its price and features. This series of LED LCD HDTVs is a good choice for anyone looking for an entry-level 720p model with USB port. The USB port lets you play videos, music, and photos.

Samsung UN32C4000 (Series 4 LED) review

This Samsung UN32C4000 (Series 4-LED) review focuses on its design and features. Its delgady design and seamless construction in a single piece of crystal provide brilliant colors and vivid details in every photogram, ensuring an incredible viewing experience. What’s more, this Samsung TV is also environmentally friendly, which is another reason to be excited about buying it.

For less than $600, you can pick up a 32-inch LED TV with similar specifications and features. The only real difference between these two models is the resolution, which is 720p. However, it will accept a 1080p signal if you’d prefer. You’ll barely notice the difference in picture quality, unless you watch 1080p content.

Samsung UN32C4000 price

The Samsung UN32C4000PH price is very affordable when compared to other 720p HDTVs. It has an excellent picture quality and has many useful features. It has a USB port, which means you can connect your mobile devices to enjoy music, video, and photo playback on your TV.

Samsung UN32C4000 specs

The Samsung UN32C4000PH is a 32-inch LCD TV that comes with a full array of connectivity options. It has a sleek piano black bezel and is also very lightweight. The specs for this TV are similar to those of the larger flagship models. It offers 720p resolution, but is capable of accepting a 1080p signal. Despite its smaller size, the UN32C4000PH still delivers great picture quality.

It features advanced picture controls but is missing some features like Color Management System and Internet connectivity. A USB port lets you play music and movies. It also has a digital audio-out port. However, the TV does not have an analog PC input. However, it does have a HDMI port, which means it can function as a monitor.

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