Samsung UN32C4000PH Review

If you’re thinking about buying a new HDTV, you may be wondering if the Samsung UN32C4000PH is right for you. The UN32C4000PH is an entry-level series of 720p LED LCD HDTVs with a USB port for photo, music, and video playback. This article explains more about the UN32C4000PH and its features.

Samsung UN32C4000PH review

This Samsung TV is an entry-level 720p LED LCD HDTV. It includes a USB port for music, photo, and video playback. This TV also includes several advanced picture controls. It is easy to set up, and comes with a DVD containing setup instructions. Although it is not a computer monitor, it does have an HDMI port, which can be used for external displays.

The picture quality is excellent for a 32-inch TV. The picture is very detailed, with rich, dark shadows. The black level is so deep that other brands’ models don’t come close. The TV also has great contrast and color accuracy. It also offers a variety of viewing angles.

Samsung UN32C4000PH price

The Samsung UN32C4000PH price range is relatively low, as this television has the basic input and output ports you would expect from a 720p LED LCD HDTV. This model also comes with a USB port for transferring videos, music, and photos. It also features an EX-LINK port, which is handy for connecting a laptop.

Samsung UN32C4000PH specs

The Samsung UN32C4000PH features a wafer-thin display and a definite bezel in a warm color. It also has a remarkably low-profile, 1.2-inch bezel. These features help the UN32C4000PH stand out from competitors.

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