Samsung UN32EH4000F Review

We’ve compared the Samsung UN32EH4000F to other 32-inch widescreen monitors, and found that it performs well across the board. We also discussed its side angle viewing performance, Black level, Refresh rate, and Video playback. Read on to learn more.

Side angle viewing performance

The 32EH4000F is a good example of a modern television with an edge-lit screen. The television’s contrast is impressive and it maintains its sharpness up to a side angle of around 30 degrees without reducing the picture quality. Its black performance is also a strength, though it begins to fade after 30 degrees. Still, the television is better than previous models in this department. The biggest improvement is in the detail displayed in very dark scenes.

Black level

If you’re looking for a new television, you’ll find that Samsung’s UN32EH4000F monitor is a great option. This model has all the same specs as its counterpart and should offer similar picture quality. It features a piano black bezel and is fairly light. However, it doesn’t come with a swivel stand.

The black level on this model is one of the best of any 32-inch television we’ve reviewed. Its shadow effect is also exceptional, and you’ll enjoy a deep image with crystal clarity. The UN32EH4000 also features easy-to-pronounce colour settings.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate of UN32EH4000F is 60Hz. The display is available in two sizes: 32″ and 40″. This model also comes with an LED backlight that complements the style of the TV. It is a perfect choice for those who want to watch movies in high definition.

The picture quality of the Samsung UN32EH4000 is excellent, even at low brightness levels. It has a very good contrast level, although the picture starts to fade at around 30 degrees. The black performance of this television is particularly good. Blacks are deep and show an improvement over 2011 models. The biggest improvement in black detail is found in dark scenes.

Video playback

The Samsung UN32EH4000F is a similar-sized 32-inch flat-screen television with similar specs. It should be able to provide similar picture quality and features, including an ultra-slim piano black bezel. It lacks a swivel stand, but is still a light, comfortable TV to hold.

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