Samsung UN32J6300AF Review

If you’re considering buying a 32-inch LED-backlit LCD TV, the Samsung UN32J6300AF is one of your options. It has excellent reviews from users and experts. It has a Standard CIE 1931 color gamut and features Advanced picture controls. Besides its good reviews, the UN32J6300AF also offers a lot of extras like USB ports and HDMI ports.

32-inch LED-backlit LCD TV

The Samsung UN32J6300AF is a 32-inch LED-backlit LCD TV with built-in internet connectivity and a Full HD resolution that offers perfect picture quality for a moderate price. It also has a high refresh rate of 120 Hz, which means smoother and more natural-looking video.

This model comes with a wide color gamut but is oversaturated. The screen is not as vivid as that of a high-end LED-backlit TV. However, the Samsung UN32J4000 does have a feature called connect share, which lets you share your content with your PC. The remote control is large and not backlit, but is functional and offers enough controls. The “tools” key allows you to quickly access controls that you use most often. The overarching menu is well-organized, and Advanced Picture Settings are included.

720p resolution

The 720p resolution of a television is the standard for high definition (HD) display. It has a 16×9 aspect ratio and progressive scanning technology. The 720p resolution is an improvement over the 480i and 480p resolutions found on SDTV. The p in the 720p resolution stands for progressive scanning, which means the lines are displayed sequentially, refreshing the entire picture each time.

A higher resolution TV will have a sharper picture, but it will also cost more. A 720p resolution is twice as sharp as a 1080p TV. If you’re on a budget, a 720p TV might be an excellent choice.

Standard CIE 1931 color gamut

The Standard CIE 1931 color gamut is a mathematical model of human color perception. It’s used to define color displays and color inks. It was created by the Commission International de l’eclairage (CIE), a century-old organization that creates international standards for light and color.

The resulting gamut covers 51.8% of all chromaticities in the CIE 1931 xy chromaticity diagram and 94.7% of the Pointer’s gamut. It also covers a much larger area than the ProPhoto RGB color space. It has the distinction of not being a universal standard but a representation of a standard color space.

The CIE color space has been the basis for many scientific studies and standards. In addition to determining color spaces, it is used to define color temperature. For example, LED lighting can be used to measure differences in color temperature. Another method to measure color temperature is by measuring the color temperature of an object.

The CIE has released a new color space in 1976. The CIE’s LAB color space has two chromaticity parameters, a and b-. This space is based on the color-opponent theory of human vision, which argues that percieved color differences are caused by neural processes. Therefore, CIELAB’s L* lightness parameter closely relates to the perceived brightness of an object.

The CIE color space is used to reproduce color in a variety of displays and capture devices. It covers most colors in the RGB color space. The CIE 1931 color space is not as wide as sRGB. However, the sRGB color space is more widely supported.


The UN32J6300AF is a 32-inch LCD TV from Samsung with a built-in internet connection and a Full HD resolution. It is equipped with a Quad-Core Processor and a Wide Color Enhancer for richer colors. It also features a 120 Hz refresh rate that delivers more natural-looking video.

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