Samsung UN40C5000QF Review

The UN40C5000QF is Samsung’s latest flat-panel television. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a quality HDTV. Our review covers performance, design, and audio. You’ll also learn how this TV compares to other models. We’ll also discuss the UN40C5000’s value.


Performance of the UN40C5000QF is mixed, ranging from good black levels to poor contrast ratio, color temperature maintenance, and color performance. One drawback is the lack of a LAN port, which only supports DLNA home theater. It is also lacking in streaming content, which Samsung has begun to address this year. The more expensive models of the NX series are now lagging behind the cheaper models.

Unlike many high-end HDTVs, the UN40C5000QF lacks a dedicated audio system. As a result, the device’s audio performance is average for a mid-priced HDTV. The built-in speakers are adequate for watching TV on a daily basis, but lack bass response.


The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a midrange television for those on a budget, and it delivers solid performance at an affordable price. However, this model falls short of many of its competitors in some areas. For example, its color temperature fluctuates significantly over large stretches of signal range, affecting its contrast ratio and color performance.


When compared to competing plasma TVs, the Samsung UN40C5000QF has a variety of features that set it apart from its competition. The unit’s unique design emphasizes interactivity, and it comes with a built-in Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet. This opens up a world of content and features. Its 60Hz Clear Motion technology ensures that action is rendered with striking clarity. In addition, it has a fast response time, which gamers will love. It also has a Game Mode that optimizes sharpness and contrast and accelerates image processing.

The UN40C5000’s audio performance is on par with a mid-priced HDTV. A dedicated 5.1 or 7.1-channel audio system is usually required to achieve peak performance. Even so, the built-in speakers on the UN40C5000 are fine for everyday television viewing, but they lack bass response.

Audio performance

If you want to learn more about the audio performance of UN40C5000QF, Samsung provides an extensive user manual that you can download free of charge. This manual contains frequently asked questions, feedback from users, and a ratings system. However, these ratings are for reference purposes only and may not accurately reflect the actual product.

The Samsung UN40C5000QF delivers good audio performance for a mid-range HDTV. However, it is unlikely to compete with top-of-the-range models. Its built-in speakers are adequate for everyday TV use, but their bass response is lacking. However, if you are concerned about your home audio system, you can invest in a separate sound system.

LAN port

The LAN port on the UN40C5000QF is one of the more important features of this Samsung monitor. Many people will want to use this port to connect their computer to the Internet. However, if you want to be able to use this port, you should make sure that you get a router with a LAN port.

The LAN port of the UN40C5000QF is a convenient way to connect your monitor to your local network. However, this feature is not available in all models. If you plan on connecting your monitor to a home network, you should upgrade to a higher-end model.

The LAN port on UN40C5000QF is an Ethernet port. The LAN port on a laptop or desktop is the connection that enables your computer to connect to other devices on your local network. The LAN port allows you to share files with other devices connected to the same network.


The UN40C5000QF from Samsung is a fairly inexpensive and low-end model. It features a LAN port and an alphabetical index of the manual’s contents. Although the UN40C5000QF does not have a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, it does feature an Ethernet port, which opens the door to a world of online content. This model also features 60Hz Clear Motion technology, which ensures that action is captured in dazzling clarity. It also offers a fast response time and Game Mode, which optimizes contrast and sharpness and accelerates image processing.

While the Samsung UN40C5000QF is cheaper than its predecessor, the Sony KDL-40LE700 has some advantages. It has a LAN port, which is convenient, but it requires an additional purchase for WiFi. Its picture quality is good, but the sharp is better. The Sony can’t match the Samsung’s contrast ratio and black level performance.

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