Samsung UN40C5000QF Review

In this Samsung UN40C5000QF review, we’ll take a closer look at the color performance, value, and performance of this 40-inch LCD television. As a result, you’ll have a better idea of what you should expect from this TV. The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a 40-inch LCD television with an FHD display.

Samsung UN40C5000QF

The Samsung Smart Hub UN40C5000QF is a high-performance home theater projector that focuses on interactivity. It has a built-in Ethernet port that gives users access to the world of online content. It also features 60Hz Clear Motion technology, which improves contrast and sharpness. It also has a fast response time, a Game Mode, and Energy Star compliance.

The Samsung UN40C5000QF has many ports on the back, including four HDMIs, two USBs, and a LAN port for home networking. However, this port is only for DLNA connections, not streaming content from the internet. Additionally, it includes digital and analog audio outputs. This list of ports is standard for many HDTVs.

The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a good option if you want a lower-priced HDTV. Its black levels are good, but the color performance isn’t as good. The screen is also not very colorful, and the contrast ratio isn’t very high. However, it does have a LAN port for DLNA connections, so you can connect to a home theater network. While this doesn’t have streaming content capabilities, it’s still a solid mid-range choice for a budget-conscious consumer.

The Samsung UN40C5000QF has a nice design. The bezel is not thin, but it blends into the screen well. The base is flat, and polished, and the ports are located in an L-shape on the back. Despite the sleek and well-designed bezel, it’s not easy to use, and fingerprints can cling to the bezel and make it difficult to use.

The color performance of the Samsung UN40C5000QF was average. It was a bit warmer than its LCD counterparts, and its grayscale color was a bit washed out. However, it outperformed its rivals in bright scenes. It kept color fidelity better than the LG and Vizio, but it was not as sharp. It tended to get bluish/redish at off angles.

Samsung UN40C5000QF performance

The Samsung UN40C5000QF has an excellent color temperature and good looks. This model also has Samsung’s trademark “Touch of Color,” which adds a slightly reddish hue. This version is a lot subtler than last year’s red, though, and it’s barely noticeable as a border between black and the translucent part.

This model costs slightly more than the Sony KDL-40NX700, but it offers a great picture with built-in WiFi. Both models also support streaming content. The Samsung, however, has a stronger connection package with DLNA home theater and built-in WiFi. It has an advantage over the Sony in terms of contrast ratio.

The Samsung UN40C5000 sports a 1080p native resolution and can play most NTSC formats. It also boasts a wide viewing angle of 22 degrees in either direction. While its viewing angle is impressive, it does have a wide diffuse reflection. The good news is that this can be minimized by moving the TV. The UN40C5000 also has an Energy Star Compliance rating.

Samsung UN40C5000QF color performance

The color performance of the Samsung UN40C5000QF is not bad for a low-end LCD TV, but there are some drawbacks to this model. The color temperature is too warm during large stretches of the signal range. If you’re concerned about color accuracy, the UN40C5000 is not a good option.

The resolution of the Samsung UN40C5000QF is 1920×1080. The resolution allows you to see sharp details and smooth motion. The TV also features a Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio and a Pure Prism of Color. With this model, you can enjoy the rich colors in movies and TV shows.

The black levels and contrast ratio of the Samsung UN40C5000 are decent, but it falls short of the Samsung UN40C5000QF. Although it costs slightly more than the Sony KDL-40LE700, the latter offers built-in WiFi and supports streaming content from streaming services. However, the Samsung UN40C5000 is superior in other areas, including the remote control and menus. In addition, it offers better black levels than the Sony model.

Samsung UN40C5000QF value

The Samsung UN40C5000 is a good value for the money. It has a high-resolution, full HD display and a built-in Ethernet port. This television features 60Hz Clear Motion technology for striking clarity and 60Hz Game Mode for optimizing contrast, sharpness, and image processing. In addition, it supports AllShare technology for wireless media transfer, and Anynet+ for one-touch control of compatible Samsung audio and video devices. It also boasts Energy Star Compliance.

The UN40C5000QF has a native 1080p resolution, and it plays most NTSC formats. Its viewing angle is 45 degrees, and its viewing distance is 22 degrees in either direction. This TV does have a wide diffuse reflection, but it can be minimized by moving the television from one angle to another. It also has a variety of video processing features, including a 10-bit color space, which allows you to watch movies and TV shows in their native formats.

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