Samsung UN40C5000QF Review

The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a low-end model without many frills, but it has some great features. It has an Ethernet port and a LAN port, which opens up a world of online content. It also features a 60Hz Clear Motion panel and has a fast response time. It also has a gaming mode, which is useful for gamers.

LAN port

The Samsung UN40C5000QF is an entry-level, relatively inexpensive TV. Its LAN port allows connection to a local network via DLNA. It does not, however, provide access to Samsung’s online content. If you’re interested in streaming content, you’ll have to upgrade to the higher-end C5 series.

A LAN port is a standard socket that connects devices together. Many devices use LAN ports to connect to the internet. They are also commonly called Ethernet ports. The two devices must be Ethernet compatible in order to connect. A computer with a LAN port can connect to multiple networks. If you want to use a LAN port on a laptop, you need to plug it into an Ethernet device.

Color performance

The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a midrange LED television that’s not bad for the price. Although it’s not a high-end product, it’s relatively inexpensive, and offers excellent color performance. Its Ultra Clear Panel is capable of absorbing ambient light and virtually eliminating reflections. It also features Samsung’s Touch of Color(tm) design, which adds red and texture to the picture.

The UN40C5000QF is slightly more expensive than the Sharp LC-40LE700, but it offers very good picture quality, built-in WiFi, and DLNA home network support. However, unlike the Sharp, the UN40C5000 doesn’t support streaming content. The UN40C5000’s overall look and contrast ratio also put it ahead of the KDL-40NX700.

Viewing angle

The viewing angle of a television screen is the angle from which the image or video appears to be the best. The more oblique the viewing angle, the lower the image quality. This issue is often minimized by using a different angle for viewing. Samsung has addressed this problem by incorporating Wide Viewing Angle technology into its TV. This technology compensates for the difference and provides a sharper picture when viewed at an angle.

Audio performance

The Samsung UN40C5000QF’s audio performance is on par with other mid-priced HDTVs. While it lacks a dedicated audio system, the built-in speakers are sufficient for every-day use. Bass response is somewhat lacking, however. While it does have a few flaws, the UN40C5000QF is still a great mid-range television on a budget.

The UN40C5000QF doesn’t feature a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, but it does feature a LAN port and an alphabetical manual. This feature lets you access the world of online content. It also offers 60Hz Clear Motion technology for crisp, clear images. In addition, it has a high response time, which makes it perfect for gaming.

The Samsung UN40C5000QF’s manual is a thorough document, with an alphabetical index and table of contents. It also includes a LAN port, which makes it possible to connect to a local network via DLNA. However, this feature does not give you access to Samsung online content. For that, you’ll need to upgrade to a higher-end model.


The Samsung UN40C5000 is a nice looking television. It features the brand’s trademark “Touch of Color” technology, which adds a reddish tint to the screen. It’s much less intense than last year’s “Touch of Red” though, and it’s not overly bright. Instead, the color is subtle and just a border on the black part of the display.

Other features include a built-in Ethernet port, which opens the door to the world of online content. This model also offers 60Hz Clear Motion technology, which optimizes sharpness and contrast, and 60Hz Game Mode, which accelerates image processing. It also supports AllShare technology, which enables wireless media transfers, and Anynet+, which gives you one-touch control over compatible Samsung audio/video devices.

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