Samsung UN40C5000QF Review

If you’re looking for a decent low-end television, the Samsung UN40C5000QF might be the best option for you. The price tag is quite affordable and it offers excellent performance for the money. However, it does have a few issues, so let’s take a closer look.


The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a high-end, high-resolution monitor for the home. It comes with many features, and its performance matches the C5 series. It also comes with a LAN port that allows it to connect to a local network through DLNA. However, there are a few problems with this monitor’s color temperature.

While the UN40C5000QF has a great black level, it’s poor overall when it comes to contrast, color performance, and color temperature maintenance. It also doesn’t come with streaming content, and it’s only DLNA compatible. However, Samsung has made significant advances in its streaming content package this year, and it’s catching up to more expensive models from its rival, Sony.

Color performance

The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a fairly low-end model, and its color performance isn’t the most impressive. On the plus side, it is very affordable and offers a number of ports for connectivity. However, it doesn’t maintain a consistent color temperature across a wide signal range.

In contrast, the Sharp LC-40LE700 is a more expensive model and is missing some advanced features. However, it does offer built-in WiFi, which is great for streaming content. On the downside, the Samsung UN40C5000 doesn’t offer any streaming content. In addition, its black level performance isn’t as good as that of the Sony, and it also doesn’t offer the best contrast ratio.

Audio performance

The audio performance of the UN40C5000QF is impressive, particularly when compared to other models from this manufacturer. However, there are some concerns with the color temperature of the screen. The color temperature of this TV is not consistent, and it warms up significantly over a wide range of signals.

The Samsung UN40C5000QF is a decent mid-range HDTV. It has good black levels, but a poor color performance and contrast ratio. Its LAN port allows for a DLNA home theater connection, but it doesn’t offer streaming content. This may seem like a big drawback, but Samsung has made significant strides in this area this year. The company is catching up to more expensive models from its rivals.

Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart Hub UN40C5000QF is an affordable, yet high-performance home theater projector with a lot to offer. Its design emphasizes interactivity and includes a built-in Ethernet port. This gives you access to vast online content. The display is also equipped with 60Hz Clear Motion technology for amazingly clear action. It also boasts a fast response time and Game Mode to optimize contrast and sharpness.

This is one of the lower-priced models in the F5500 series. The C5000 is thinner and cheaper than the LN40C650, but it offers more ports and an LED backlight. LED backlighting is an upgrade over CCFL, but it doesn’t offer a significant advantage over CCFL. Both models have nearly identical performance. However, the Samsung UN40C5000 suffers from a few color temperature problems.


When it comes to price, the Samsung UN40C5000QF is among the most affordable models. It has a good-looking design and uses Samsung’s trademark “Touch of Color” technology. The red color in the screen is more subtle than last year’s red, and it only appears as a thin border on the black and translucent part of the screen.

While the Sony KDL-40LE700 costs more than the Samsung UN40C5000QF, it offers superior picture quality and built-in WiFi. Streaming content is also available, but not as convenient as it is with the Samsung. Both models also support DLNA home networking, but the Sony cannot match the Samsung’s contrast ratio and black level performance.

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