Samsung UN40C6500VF Review

We’ve taken a look at the Samsung UN40C6500VF television to learn more about the features and capabilities of this model. This review will discuss color balance, the remote control, and the overall image quality. We’ll also talk about its connectivity options. If you’re considering buying a new television, this Samsung model is an excellent option.

Samsung UN40C6500VF review

The Samsung UN40C6500VF has a streamlined design that evokes a modern aesthetic. It also offers the same high-end controls that you’ll find on flagship models. One of its most notable features is its dejudder control system, which is far better than the one offered by LG. The TV also features several useful features.

The UNC6500VF is significantly cheaper than its local dimming rivals. It offers many of the same features as Samsung’s flagship hybrid dimmer, the UNC8000. It also has a streamlined design, which makes it a good value for the money.

A high refresh rate of 120Hz makes it a great choice for most home theaters. Its 4K resolution means it’s great for watching movies and TV shows in high-definition. Whether you’re watching your favorite movies or gaming, you’ll find the Samsung UN46C6500VF to be an excellent choice.

Samsung UN40C6500VF color balance

The Samsung UN40C6500VF is a high-end plasma TV with a wide color gamut. Its features include Detallated Shadow Control for brighter images and Mejora de Perfiles for improved edges. The color balance can also be tweaked using the xvYCC feature, which improves color space when viewing external devices via HDMI. However, we did notice that the blue tones seemed to lack consistency, making it difficult to dial in the right color balance.

Samsung UN40C6500VF remote

The Samsung UN40C6500VF remote is a fairly standard, easy to use television remote. It has a slim profile and a screen that almost reaches the edge of the panel. There is a slight bluish tint on the bezel. The Touch of Colors feature has been hit-or-miss over the years. The TV also features a stand that allows the panel to swivel back and forth.

The Sharp LC-40LE700 costs slightly more than the Samsung UN40C5000, but it’s worth it for the extra features it offers. While it has superior contrast ratio and black level performance, it’s lacking in other key areas. The UN40C5000 has a better remote control and menus, and is a better value overall. The contrast ratio of the Sharp is not as impressive as that of the Samsung.

While Samsung’s remotes are similar to each other, some are more advanced than others. The latest factory models feature some extra functions, while the older versions are more basic and unobtrusive. The remote also has the Anynet+ logo, which allows you to use it on other Samsung AV devices. This makes it a great universal remote that will work with a variety of different models of Samsung TVs.

The Samsung UNC6500VF has an excellent feature set and a minimalist design. It is also easy to operate. The remote has a built-in speaker and a volume control, which makes it a great choice for home entertainment. However, it is best to use the remote in conjunction with a compatible television to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

A universal remote app is another convenient option for Samsung TVs. This app allows users to control various aspects of the smart TV using their smartphone. The app provides full remote functionality and a keyboard and mouse pad, which makes controlling the smart TV easier. Users can even search the internet with the help of this remote.

Image quality of the UN40C6500VF

The UN40C6500VF delivers good image quality in most scenes. However, it did have some problems with darker scenes. In these cases, the image quality suffered from a bluish cast, which is most likely caused by the shift in the primary color of red towards blue. The bluish tone was particularly noticeable in black areas and near-black shadows.

Overall, the UNC6500VF was quite capable for the price. In our tests, the image quality was on par with edge-lit models, but the overall black levels were unspectacular. It also exhibited solid color accuracy in bright scenes, but did have some typical flaws.

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