Samsung UN40C6500VF Review

In this Samsung UN40C6500VF review, we’ll discuss the image quality and color accuracy of this edge-lit LCD TV. Also, we’ll talk about the remote control. The Samsung UNC6500VF is the company’s latest ultra-thin TV, but is it as good as it sounds? We’ve got some answers to all of these questions and more! So let’s get started!

Samsung’s ultra-thin edge-lit LCD TVs

Samsung’s new line of ultra-thin edge-lit LCD TV models features LED backlighting that comes from the screen’s edges, and costs only about $1000. In fact, these TVs use 40 percent less power than conventional models. The slim, 1.2-inch-thick design is adorned with chrome or piano black bezels and a Crystal Neck Swivel Stand. They boast full 1080p resolution, a 3,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and AutoMotion Plus 120Hz processing.

The Samsung AU8000 edge-lit TV has a great contrast ratio, but no local dimming, and the black level is still elevated. Samsung offers edge lighting variations with dual LED panels using cool blue and warm yellow LED lights. Although this adds only a minimal improvement to picture quality, it’s worth noting the fact that this type of edge lighting is better than traditional backlighting.

Regardless of the technology used in your television, make sure to read customer reviews carefully to ensure the best value for your money. While edge-lit TVs have better contrast and black levels, full-array LED TVs are typically a bit thicker. They also have better picture quality and are more expensive than edge-lit models. And because edge-lit TVs are thin, you can always buy a smaller one, or go for a bigger screen size.

LED backlighting is another important feature for LCD TVs. Using a LED backlight means that the television can control its backlight scene by scene, which can produce deep, uniform blacks and a higher contrast ratio. So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your TV’s backlighting system, it’s a good time to make the switch.

Image quality

The image quality of the UN40C6500VF can be described as the level of accuracy and reliability of an imaging system. This quality is defined by a weighted combination of visual attributes. For example, one definition focuses on the characteristics of signal processing in imaging systems, while another emphasizes the perceptual assessment of an image. The following table provides an overview of the image quality of the UN40C6500VF.

Images are distorted because of various processes, including camera settings and image acquisition. The degradation of image quality can be due to noise, blurring, and compression artifacts. Various objective and subjective quality assessment methods have been developed to quantify image quality. These measures have high correlation with the subjective judgment of human observers. Image quality metrics are useful for comparing different image processing algorithms. However, it is important to note that these metrics are not completely unbiased, and are subject to many limitations.

In our tests, the Samsung UNC6500VF produced excellent image quality, and was competitive with edge-lit LED-based models from Sony and LG. Compared to other edge-lit models, the UNC6500VF had the deepest black levels. However, overall black levels were unspectacular. Image accuracy was good in bright areas, but declined as the image darkened. Nevertheless, this model had its characteristic flaws.

Color accuracy

The UN40C6500VF delivers solid color, but color errors in dark scenes are noticeable. This could be because the primary color of red tends to shift towards blue, but the problem also occurred in bright areas. Near-black shadows and black areas also had a bluish hue. If these problems were not noticeable, this product would be a great choice for consumers. However, there are several factors that need to be considered to ensure the best color accuracy.

The dE, or color-accuracy metric, is used to determine how closely the display reproduces target colors. The dE is a mathematical representation of the difference between the displayed color and the target color. However, it doesn’t necessarily convey how much of a difference there is between the two. If two TVs have the same dE, for example, but produce different reds, they are both equally inaccurate.

The UNC6500VF is significantly less expensive than comparable edge-lit models, but it’s also significantly better than most local dimming solutions. Although it has slightly better black levels than other edge-lit models, its overall black levels aren’t spectacular. While color accuracy was solid in bright areas, it deteriorated as the image got darker. This is a characteristic of most edge-lit displays.

As mentioned, color accuracy differs from monitor to monitor. It’s not just the resolution that affects color, but also manufacturing differences. Some people may notice small inaccuracies in color more easily than others. While this may not seem like a big deal to you, it can make it difficult to judge whether a color is accurate or not. If you’re in the business of color-sensitive work, a high-quality monitor with an accurate display is essential.

Remote control

When you buy a new TV, you’ll need a remote control. These units differ from one another slightly in color, size, shape, and shape. Some models may have a different power indicator, while others may not. Regardless of the model, your new remote control will have a light that blinks when it powers on, and will stay lit in standby mode. These units are easy to use, and you’ll be happy you bought one!

If you’re not sure how to use the remote control for your new UN40C6500VF LED television, you’ll find a manual for this product in PDF format. It’ll walk you through the steps of setup, and also include frequently asked questions, ratings, and feedback from other users. Keep in mind, though, that the manual is only for reference purposes and may not accurately reflect the product’s appearance. To make the most of your new television, you should ensure adequate ventilation.


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