Samsung UN40D5005BF Review – Price, Specs, and Review

In this Samsung UN40D5005BF review, I will discuss its Price, Specs, and Review. In the end, you’ll know whether it’s the right TV for your needs. In addition, I will also discuss what I think of the TV’s overall picture quality.

Samsung UN40D5005BF

This Samsung UN40D5005BF review will look at the features and specifications of this 40-inch LED backlit LCD TV. Although the UN40D5005BF lacks the 10-point grayscale control that is available on its competitors, it does have a unique feature, LED Clear Motion, which improves motion resolution and dims the image. We also found that it has two HDMI ports.


If you’re in the market for a 40-inch television screen, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, the UN40D5005BF is a great choice. It comes with the same specs as the UN40F5000, so the picture quality should be almost the same.


For those who want a 40-inch screen with a good picture quality, the UN40D5005BF is an excellent option. It has the same specs and looks as the higher-end UN40EH5000, but at a lower price. Both have good reviews from consumers.

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