Samsung UN40D5500RH Review

The new Samsung UN40D5500RH is a very capable 40-inch LCD monitor. It features the same specs as the earlier model and should offer similar picture quality. However, there are some differences between the two models that you should be aware of. For instance, the Samsung UN40D5500RH has a slightly bigger screen, so you might want to go for it if you need a 40-inch monitor.

Auto Motion Plus picture setting

Auto Motion Plus picture setting on UN40D-5500RH allows you to experience smoother video. This setting improves the picture quality for fast-moving scenes, and can be turned on or off according to the content. It is best suited for movies and TV shows shot at a low frame rate, but it can also improve the graphics for video games. This feature can also help reduce input lag, which can cause the picture to look choppy and unnatural.

Auto Motion Plus is available in a wide range of settings. For example, blur reduction helps reduce ghosting during fast-moving scenes. It does this by replacing lost frames with additional frames. Another setting, jerky motion reduction, is used to make video motions even and counter choppiness.

If you want to turn off the soap opera effect on your UN40D5500RH, you can turn off Auto Motion Plus in the Expert Settings menu. Auto Motion Plus is set to Auto by default, but you can change it to Off or set blur and judder reduction to achieve the desired look.

Auto Motion Plus is available in low, medium, and high picture settings. You can also toggle between these settings manually. By switching between these three settings, you can enhance the overall quality of your images. This feature is recommended for Blu-Ray features and high-definition televisions. However, if you only watch basic films and TV shows, you can turn it off.

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