Samsung UN40D6400UF Review

If you are looking for a cheap but quality HDTV, the Samsung UN55F6400AF may be the one for you. This TV offers an attractive design and is built with Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Its price is also quite reasonable, with MSRP of $2,100.

Samsung UN55F6400AF

Samsung’s UN55F6400AF is a 55-inch widescreen HDTV with a high-resolution screen. It ships with a Smart Touch Remote Control. This is a convenient and responsive touch pad that allows for gesture control. It does not have a traditional keyboard, but it does have a microphone that lets you use voice search. The price is less than two thousand dollars, making it a great buy.

While this 65-inch LED-backlit LCD TV offers several good features, its picture quality is less impressive than that of some of its competitors. It is not as bright as some rival models, and its colors look oversaturated right out of the box. The Smart Touch remote can also be tedious to use. Otherwise, this Samsung TV delivers a clear picture and a solid feature set. However, it doesn’t compare well to the Panasonic TC-L55ET60, which is cheaper and offers better picture quality.

Black levels are good on the UN55F6400. The black letter box bars on Days of Thunder Blu-ray were a deep, inky black. Detail was never lost in the darkest areas, which is something that many midrange TVs can’t say. Contrast is also very good. The light and dark areas of the screen are separated nicely and don’t bleed into each other at side angles.

Samsung Tizen interface

The Samsung Tizen interface is a cross-platform operating system that has been developed by the South Korean company. It uses the Linux base framework and is open source, making it easy for developers to build on. The company uses the platform on their smart TVs, refrigerator-freezers, and other consumer products.

The Tizen TV features an integrated app selection menu and one-click installation of apps. It also supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to allow you to share content with compatible devices. You can also use the voice commands to search for content and change settings. Unlike Android, this platform does not allow users to sideload apps or install them from the Google Play store.

The Tizen interface is one of the most comprehensive interfaces for smart TVs on the market. Its extensive features are visible right in the quick settings menu. It allows you to tweak settings and access the more comprehensive settings menu. The Tizen user interface is a major departure from previous platforms. However, it is one of the most user-friendly interfaces available today.

Samsung Tizen is the smart TV platform that runs on the QN95B. It features a launcher bar along the bottom of the screen. It places an emphasis on personalisation and recommendations, and offers many customisation options. You can watch full HD movies and games without any problems. The QN95B is a Neo QLED TV with a Tizen smart platform.

The Tizen interface is not as user-friendly as Android, but the Tizen platform’s status bar has more functionality. Its notification system is a bit more organized, and it supports downloadable watch faces. Users can also customize the colors of the primary highlights. Tizen’s scrolling is smoother than Android’s.

The Tizen interface is an open-source system that uses the Linux-based Tizen operating system. It supports a wide range of devices, including smart TVs. It also supports Apple TV and BT Sport, so users will be able to enjoy their favorite TV shows and games.

HDTV’s attractive design

If you’re considering upgrading your television, it may be time to look into HDTV technology. The most affordable HDTV models use cathode ray tube technology, but manufacturers are trying to transform these old, bulky tubes into attractive flat-screen designs. LG and Samsung both showcased impressive widescreen models. One model from Toshiba impressed us with its picture quality and ability to convert signals to native 1080i resolution. This model retails for $1,399 and has a lot to offer.


The UN40D6400UF is a 40-inch LED HDTV with 3D capabilities. It’s currently available for a discounted price. But, if you want to get a 3D experience, you’ll have to buy 3D glasses separately. While you can find them at various retail stores, they aren’t always included in the price.

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