Samsung UN40EH5300F Review

The Samsung UN40EH5300F series is a great value for money LED-LCD television. It includes a wide range of Smart TV Internet features including built-in Wifi and a Web Browser. Its Clear Coat LED-backed screen provides great image depth and a well-lit picture. Another great feature of this model is its 120Hz Clear Motion technology. This feature eliminates the need for a louvered screen filter.

50 inch LED-LCD

The UN40EH5300F 50-inch LED-LCD from Samsung offers a smart TV with built-in Wifi, full Smart TV Internet features, and a 120Hz Clear Motion screen. This high-resolution screen provides great image depth and lighting. Unlike many LED-LCD televisions, this model does not require a louvered screen filter.

This Samsung LED-LCD features a built-in Digital Cable and HDTV tuner for high-definition viewing. Its inputs accept 1080p (24/60Hz), 720p, and 480p resolutions. It also has three HDMI 1.3 inputs, which you can use to hook up your PC or other multimedia devices.

Slow refresh rate

When you’re looking to buy a new television, you’ll need to consider the refresh rate of the model you’re looking at. A slow refresh rate on a television can affect the quality of the picture. A good refresh rate is one that updates the image on the screen at a fast rate. A slow refresh rate can result in eye flicker and other problems. You can usually change the refresh rate in the settings menu. You can also change the resolution of the screen.

Screen size

The UN40EH5300F from Samsung is a 50 inch LED-LCD smart TV that connects to the internet. Its screen is Clear Coat LED backed, resulting in great picture depth and detail. The device also features 120Hz Clear Motion. It supports internet connections via Wi-Fi or cable.

This TV features AllShare Play, a software that connects to your connectable devices and displays content on your TV. It includes a library of preloaded content, but you can also add your own. It also has ConnectShare Movie technology, which enables you to watch digital content remotely.

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