Samsung UN40ES6150F Review

The Samsung UN40ES6150F is an impressive LED HDTV that features a 40-inch screen. It offers full 1080P output and a native resolution of 1920 x 1080. Additionally, it features a 240hz refresh rate, which is great for watching high-intensity sports. Other features include Dolby Digital Plus/Pulse support and a wide range of inputs.

Samsung’s Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is a versatile and useful digital media player that has plenty of features. It can be customized by resizing the home screen and allows you to search for and open content. You can also use its picture-in-picture feature to display a live feed of whatever you’re watching. However, there are a few issues that make it less than perfect.

The Smart Hub is controlled by a standard infrared remote or a touch-pad ready “smart” remote. The latter can be purchased separately. The ES8000 series offers voice control, and the Smart Hub can be accessed by saying, “Hi TV, Smart Hub.” If you don’t have a touch-pad remote, you can also use motion control to access the Smart Hub. Once you’ve accessed the Hub, you’ll find apps, movies, sports, news, and more.

The Smart Hub is built on the Tizen operating system, which means that it’s easy to use and navigate. Most major media-streaming services are onboard, and it offers multiple ways to access content. However, it lacks some advanced features, like an On TV interface, as well as a more refined content recommendation system.

The Smart Hub isn’t an iPad or a smartphone, but it does have a browser. While it’s not as capable as a smartphone or tablet, it is far easier to use than an infrared remote. Smart Hub is also designed to access Samsung’s AllShare menu, which lets you playback personal media files.

The Smart Hub also has a banner on the screen that lists the most recent apps you’ve used. When you tap these icons, they’ll launch. In addition, the apps run in the background, so you can return to them more quickly. It also supports Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Screen Mirroring.

The Smart Hub is capable of launching apps from a variety of sources, such as Netflix. You can even launch them with voice control. Just press the voice button and say ‘Launch Netflix’, and the app should launch within seconds. Alternatively, you can say ‘Launch Action Movie’ and the app should load automatically.

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Display quality

If you are looking for a 40-inch LED HDTV that can display up to 1080P, the Samsung UN40ES6150F is an excellent choice. The display has a bright and vivid screen and is capable of full 1080P output. It has a 1920 x 1080 native resolution, 240 Hz refresh rate, and a Dolby Digital Plus/Pulse sound system. The display features numerous inputs and connections, and is perfect for home entertainment.

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