Samsung UN40ES6580F Review

Listed below are some of the most notable characteristics of the UN40ES6580F. These include its features, price, durability, and App selection. The ES6580 model comes with a built-in skype camera. This unit is designed to be as sleek as possible, while retaining the minimalist design of previous models.


Samsung’s UN40ES6580 TV features micro dimming technology to make the screen appear brighter and more uniform in color. This technology is similar to Micro Dimming Ultimate, but localizes LED backlighting in specific areas of the screen. This feature is an upgrade over last year’s “6000” series LED TVs, which tended to have uneven screen color.

The UN40ES6580F is a 40-inch screen, and comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses and a Skype camera. However, it lacks the Smart Interaction features found in the top models. In terms of picture quality, the UN40ES6580 isn’t as good as some of its top competitors, such as the LG 55LM7600 and Panasonic TC-P55GT50.


The UN40ES6580 is a relatively cheap 40″ TV. It comes with Skype camera and 4 pairs of 3D glasses, but it misses out on some of Samsung’s top features from 2012. This model also lacks Smart Interaction via voice control. Nonetheless, it’s a great value model. It has an excellent clear coat screen and a 240Hz panel. The 480 Clear Motion rate is also a notable feature.

The UN40ES6580 has a 480Hz Clear Motion rate equivalent processing, which helps with fast motion processing. It also helps reduce motion blur. While the true Hz rate of the panel is 240Hz, this feature upgrades it to 480Hz through a local dimming process.


The UN40ES6580F is a 40-inch LED TV with a semi-matte black frame and an overlay panel that runs from the top of the panel to the sides of the metal frame. Its design is sleek and minimalistic with its black, four-legged quadrapod stand that swivels twenty degrees. The UN40ES6580 also features a built-in Skype camera and is equipped with a 240Hz panel. The screen is also clear coated, as is the case with Panasonic’s Plasma top units. The UN40ES6580 also includes a built-in skype camera, which allows you to chat with friends or family.

App selection

The Samsung UN40ES6580 TV offers an impressive app selection. There are more than 1500 apps available, and most of them are small and free. Some of them offer premium channels. There’s also a Search All feature, which allows you to search for videos from any connected device. The Samsung UN40ES6580 TV even hooks up to your social media accounts.

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