Samsung UN40F5000AF Review

The Samsung UN40F5000AF is a decent budget television that comes with many nice features. These include a good contrast ratio, good viewing angles, and LED backlighting. There are some negatives, however, such as the lack of a Smart Hub. This is a good TV for those on a tight budget, but it lacks a few features that set it apart from other models.

Good contrast ratio

Oftentimes, consumers wonder if a particular television has a good contrast ratio. This can be tricky to determine because display manufacturers often use numbers that have no basis in reality, and store lighting can skew comparisons. For example, LCDs and TVs with antiglare or antireflective screens will generally have a higher contrast ratio than their competitors. However, this doesn’t mean you should disregard the importance of contrast ratio when comparing displays. You can get an idea of how much contrast is available by checking spec sheets.

A good contrast ratio is important for viewing dark objects. A television with a high contrast ratio will have a better overall picture than one with a lower contrast ratio. For example, if you plan on using your monitor for gaming, you should look for a screen with a high contrast ratio.

Good viewing angles

If you are looking for a flat panel TV, you should look at viewing angles. Unlike CRT TVs, where you can only see a small area of the screen, LED TVs are designed to be viewable from any angle. They are typically available with three different types of panels, including VA, TN, and IPS. Generally speaking, VA panels have the best viewing angles.

LED backlighting

The Samsung UN40F5000AF boasts LED backlighting, which is a good thing, and produces high light output. But its image is not as vivid as some of Samsung’s more expensive LED TVs. While its black levels are good, the picture lacks color saturation. In order to improve the picture quality, you may want to lower the brightness or use a moderate backlight setting.

Another big selling point of this television is its 60Hz refresh rate, which helps keep the price down. With a screen this big, it’s unlikely that judder or motion blur will be noticeable. Side viewing angles are also good, although contrast and color begin to degrade at 30 degrees.

Lack of Smart Hub

The UN40F5000AF does not have Smart Hub functionality. However, the F5000AF does feature HDMI, coaxial antenna/cable connector, and USB ports. This TV also has a second HDMI port, shared component/composite A/V ports, and digital audio outputs. In addition, the UN40F5000AF does not offer WiFi connectivity or Web services. But even with these shortcomings, the UN40F5000AF still deserves consideration.

The UN40F5000AF is a good choice for mid-range TV shoppers. Although it lacks the Samsung Smart Hub, it still offers 1080p resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and a strong LED backlight. It also comes in 46 and 50-inch sizes. It is designed to appeal to budget-conscious shoppers who do not want to compromise performance in order to save money.

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