Samsung UN40F6300AF Review

The UN40F6300AF has similar picture quality to the F6400, but without micro dimming. One of the keys to good picture quality on an LED TV is controlling the backlight. This is done in the picture settings menu. The backlight of an LED TV affects the contrast and color saturation from side viewing angles. Keeping the backlight level at a reasonable level mitigates this problem. Moreover, black bars in 16:9 content appear rich and inky.

Picture quality

The picture quality of the UN40F6300AF is a bit disappointing compared to its competitors. The picture is a little lighter than its competitors, with a slight bluish tint in black scenes. It also lacks 3D and talking TV. It also lacks Micro Dimming, a software feature that has minimal benefit in our tests. In addition, it offers an artificially high Clear Motion Rate, which Samsung describes as a “stand-in” refresh rate. While both sets have 120Hz panels, the difference in clear motion processing is very small.

The UN40F6300AF’s picture quality is comparable to that of the F6400, though it lacks micro dimming. One of the keys to best picture quality on an LED TV is optimizing the backlight. You can find this setting under the picture settings menu. Keeping the backlight reasonably high can mitigate some of the degradation. While it’s not as crisp as the F6400, the black bars do look very rich and inky in 16:9 content.

The UN40F6300AF comes with a user guide. You can find instructions and troubleshooting advice there. If you’re experiencing an issue, you can also post a question on the support panel. By doing so, you’ll be able to help other people who may have the same problem.

Smart interface

The Smart interface on the UN40F6300AF is similar to that of an Android smartphone. It consists of five home pages and includes features like on TV, movies, TV shows, music, apps, Skype, YouTube, and social networks. The interface is colorful and easy to use. The Samsung Smart TV 2013 also features a dual core processor, which makes it fast for browsing around the Smart Hub. However, it does miss out on the quad-core processors.

The UN40F6300AF’s picture quality is similar to that of the F6400, but it lacks micro dimming. The backlight is an important part of the picture quality of an LED TV. You can adjust the backlight brightness in the picture settings menu. The backlight degrades contrast and fades colors at extreme side viewing angles, but adjusting the backlight to a reasonable level can mitigate these effects. Furthermore, the UN40F6300AF’s black bars are very rich and inky, especially when watching 16:9 content.

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