Samsung UN40H6203AF Review

The Samsung UN40H6203AF is an excellent value for money 1080p Smart TV. Although it lacks some of the features of more expensive models, it is still a good choice for those who want to enjoy the benefits of Internet TV while enjoying a lower price. This model features a bright backlight, a basic tabletop stand, and only two HDMI inputs. However, it does require calibration to produce a natural-looking picture.

Smart Sound

The Samsung UN40H6203AF is a 40-inch LCD television with a Smart Sound speaker system. This product uses a smart sound technology to regulate sound output and prevent the TV from becoming too loud, even when the TV is playing ads. The downside to this television is that it does not have audio return channel capability, meaning it will not work well with surround sound receivers or sound bars.


The Samsung UN40H6203AF is a smart LED-backlit LCD television that features a Full HD display. Its screen has a diagonal of 101.6 cm and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The television has two HDMI ports and two USB ports, as well as an Ethernet port. It also offers Wi-Fi connectivity and internet connectivity.

Although the Samsung UN40H6203AF is not a cheap purchase, it is a solid value for money. It offers excellent picture quality with HD content, but there are some flaws. Its budget price and basic table top stand might not appeal to some consumers. It has only two HDMI inputs, and its backlight is very bright. It also needs calibration to get a natural looking picture.

The Samsung H6203 handles motion well. The native motion smoothing software works well to minimize motion artifacts. You can even configure the TV to disable the software if you want to see motion details in a natural way. This makes it a great TV for home theaters and well-lit living rooms.

Full HD

The Samsung UN40H6203AF is a 40-inch LED-backlit LCD television that has several smart features. With a built-in Wi-Fi capability, you can connect to the internet and run a variety of apps from your smartphone or tablet. The screen has a Full HD resolution that provides the best picture quality at an affordable price. Its 240 Hz refresh rate means that you get a perfect picture every time.

In addition to a 1080p Full HD resolution and two HDMI inputs, the UN40H6203AF has a table top stand for a comfortable viewing position and good color production. The TV’s bright backlight is a plus, but it does need calibration in order to produce a natural picture. It also lacks Internet TV organization and Smart Sound, but it still offers decent contrast and brightness.

Another big disadvantage is its speaker system, which is on the low side of the quality scale. Smart Sound technology helps regulate the sound output, so the television doesn’t become too loud when ads are playing. However, it lacks audio return channel capabilities, meaning surround sound receivers and sound bars will not work with this model.

Fast refresh rate

This 40-inch LED-backlit LCD television has a fast refresh rate of 240 Hz. This allows it to offer the best picture quality at an affordable price. It can also be connected to the internet and run a variety of applications. For an added bonus, it has a Smart TV interface. The display is also Full HD, giving you perfect picture quality for the price.

The Samsung UN40H6203AF is priced competitively at $549. Its low price makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a 1080p Smart TV. But it has some limitations, including a basic tabletop stand, only two HDMI inputs, and a very bright backlight. In addition, it requires calibration to create a natural-looking picture.

A higher refresh rate will help reduce motion blur, which softens an image when it is in motion. The faster refresh rate also allows it to work with 120-frame-per-second signals. The less expensive models will refresh images at a lower rate, but they may have similar motion resolution.

Low price

The UN40H6203AF is a 40 inch LED-backlit LCD TV that features Smart technology. A Smart TV is a television that can connect to the internet and run different applications. It also offers a Full HD resolution. This resolution delivers perfect picture quality for a very affordable price. The screen refreshes 240 times a second for a sharp, clear picture.

The UN40H6203AF is priced reasonably – $549. It has good picture quality for HD content, but it also has a few shortcomings when it comes to Smart TV delivery. Those looking for a less expensive model with great picture quality should check out the Vizio E420i-B0. These two models are great value options for the price-conscious consumer. The UN40H6203AF is a great choice if you’re on a budget, but if you want more features at a higher price, you might want to spend a little extra.

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