Samsung UN40H6400AF Review

This Samsung UN40H6400AF review looks at the features of this new television, including the Dual-core processor, good contrast, and a fantastic app selection. The Samsung UN40H6400AF is a good value for your money, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new LCD TV.

Samsung’s app selection is second to none

Samsung’s app selection is second to none, but there are some areas where it could do better. For example, if you use a third-party browser, you might be better off using Chrome, which Samsung’s browser currently beats. Likewise, the email application on the Galaxy S8 is less useful than Google’s, but the Bixby Assistant is making headway in the race to replace Google’s assistant.

The Samsung calendar is excellent for scheduling meetings and syncing with Google or Microsoft calendars. You can also add your own calendar or import one from a URL. There are a variety of calendars to choose from, including those of your favorite sports teams or religious holidays. There is even a calendar that shows the phases of the moon.

Samsung’s Social is supposed to rival Facebook. However, this app requires you to send your contacts’ information to Samsung, rather than MySpace. Furthermore, the service only allows you to share your calendar with members using Samsung devices. While this feature is nice, it isn’t a great replacement for Facebook.

Dual-core processor

A dual-core processor has two processing cores, which makes the computer run faster. This type of processor is best for people who like to play games and watch videos. This type of processor is common on low-cost smart TVs. Dual-core models are also great for people who want a simple LED television with smart features.

This processor’s speed is dependent on how well programs are designed to split tasks between the two cores. The clock speed of each core is important, as is the architecture of the processor. Newer dual-core CPUs tend to have faster clock speeds than older quad-core CPUs. However, you should note that more cores means higher power consumption.


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