Samsung UN43MU6300FXZA Review

The Samsung UN43MU6300FXZA comes with a set of 20W stereo speakers and a DTS decoder. It does not, however, feature surround sound technology. However, it can be enhanced with external speakers or a powerful soundbar. It also comes with the OneRemote universal curved remote control, which is capable of controlling all connected devices, including the television. It also allows you to use voice commands.

MU6300’s panel

The Samsung MU6300’s panel produces bright colors with sharp details. In addition, there’s a lack of visual noise. The panel’s full-panel backlight can cause undesirable haloing in high-contrast situations. However, local dimming is available to minimize this issue. However, we noticed some minor shadowing in corners.

The MU6500 is more expensive than the MU6300, and it has a curved panel. However, the curved panel doesn’t improve the picture quality. You can choose between the two models based on your preferences. Samsung MU6500 and MU6300 offer similar performance. Both models have good picture quality with a high native contrast ratio and good black uniformity.

Both monitors offer plenty of ports. The MU6300 has three HDMI ports and the UN49MU6500 has two USB ports. They both support HDCP 2.2. Both models support CEC and Audio Return Channel. The MU6300 also has 1 Component In, 1 Ethernet, and 1 Digital Audio Out (Optical) port. In terms of input lags, the two models are similar.

The MU6300 and MU6500 feature similar-looking panels, with the MU6300 having Bluetooth built in. Both models offer similar performance, with the MU6300 being slightly brighter. Although the Samsung MU6300 has a better panel, it’s not enough to outshine the Samsung NU7100.

While the Samsung MU6300 may not be the best-looking 4K/HDR TV on the market, it’s a good value for the money. Its panel is decently sized and supports all of its inputs with ease. Its V-shaped center stand is familiar to many Samsungs. The back side is all plastic, and the panel’s inputs are easy to access.

Its color gamut

The UN43MU6300FXZA is a 2017 model from Samsung’s MU6300 line of 4K HDR LED TVs. If you’re looking for a quality TV with a reasonable price tag, this is a good choice.

The MU6300 supports high dynamic range content, but doesn’t offer the higher-end Color Drive Pro system. This television’s color gamut is not as wide as some models, but it does offer good color accuracy and good contrast. However, unlike the more expensive models, it can’t take advantage of HDR content.

To understand color gamut, let’s first define what it is and how it works. Color gamut is the area between the three basic colors red, green, and blue. All other colors fall within that area. In general, most monitors are able to produce 16.7 million colors, but some can produce much more.

Its response time

If you’re looking for a budget 4K HDR LED TV, the UN43MU6300FXZA from Samsung is a good choice. It’s part of Samsung’s MU6300 series, which represents an entry-level line of 4K HDR TVs. The response time of this TV is a decent 1 millisecond. Its peak brightness is 266cd/m2, while its black level is at 0.07cd/m2. Its contrast ratio is moderate at 3,800:1 which is a good number, but not remarkable.

This television has a fast pixel response time, which means that fast-moving objects will not leave long trails. Full response time is 18.7 ms, which is on par with most of its main competitors. However, color uniformity is not as good as some of the main competitors, but the MU6300 is still capable of displaying a lively sports field.

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