Samsung UN46B6000VF Review

This Samsung UN46B6000VF review will take a look at the Picture quality, Internet connectivity, and Refresh rate of the TV. This review will also discuss the shortcomings of the unit. We’ll also take a look at the Samsung UN46B6000 manual, which is only available on a USB drive. Unlike most manuals, this one isn’t printed out, but can be found on the Samsung website.

Limitations of the Samsung UN46B6000VF

While there are some advantages of this Samsung LED television, you should be aware of its limitations. The first thing you should keep in mind is its power consumption. It consumes less power than a conventional television. However, it is not as energy-efficient as some competitors’ models. Samsung’s televisions have a low power consumption due to their LED technology. You can connect this TV to your home network or the Internet to get your favorite content.

Picture quality

The picture quality of Samsung’s UN46B6000VF LED HDTV is rated to be excellent. It features edge-lit LED backlighting. Samsung claims that this new series of HDTVs offers breakthrough picture quality. However, it is not yet clear whether the UN46B6000VF truly delivers on its claims.

The UN46B6000VF is equipped with a 120Hz refresh rate. The screen’s black level can be adjusted, allowing for better contrast. Advanced settings include dynamic contrast, gamma, color space, and white balance. There’s also a Picture Options menu, which allows you to choose from different picture settings. For example, you can use the black level from your HDMI source or select blue only calibration. Additionally, the display has individual controls for blur reduction.

The UN46B6000VF has a decent number of input ports. The ports are arranged in a revers L shape on the back of the TV. These ports face either the bottom or the left side of the TV. It offers four HDMI ports and one VGA port. It also has a 3.5mm audio input. For audio signals, you can connect a DVD player or a Blu-ray player.

The Samsung UN46B6000VF’s display supports Full HD resolution, giving you an unbeatable image quality for a reasonable price. Its average refresh rate is 120 Hz, which means that you can watch high-definition content without any problems. The 120Hz refresh rate is also great for reducing motion blur. It also offers a discrete control for blur reduction, allowing you to choose a range from zero to ten.

Internet connectivity

The UN46B6000VF comes with built-in wireless connectivity. With this feature, you can use your wireless network to access internet content or to watch media stored on your network computer. It also features two USB ports to connect USB flash drives or hard drives. Moreover, the TV features the InfoLink system.

In terms of content, you can enjoy movies, sports, and other media content. This model has a native 24fps display, making it perfect for movies and television shows with fast-moving content. You can also watch movies and TV shows in full HD. If you want to experience a film-like effect, you can also turn off the 120Hz refresh rate.

Despite having several ports for connectivity, the UN46B6000VF does not come with a VGA input, which is seen on most high-end HDTVs. Likewise, there are only a few composite/component inputs, which may not be enough for old A/V gear. But with modern equipment that supports HDMI connections, this HDTV should work fine.

Refresh rate

The Samsung UN46B6000VF features a 240Hz refresh rate. Its pixel response time is 1ms. Its viewing angle is 23 degrees from the center. In this angle, the contrast ratio is 50% lower than the maximum. The graph below shows the effective viewing angle.

In addition, the UN46B6000 features a 120Hz refresh rate. This rate is more than double the 60Hz refresh rate. This enables it to reduce motion blur. Samsung has also added discrete controls for blur reduction, allowing you to choose the amount of blur reduction. The settings range from 0 to 10.

The color accuracy of the Samsung UN46B6000VF performed reasonably well in our color accuracy test. Although it did show some variation from its mean values, it was not too wide to cause any problems. The color space graph below shows this variation. The red circle in the graph indicates an area where the human eye cannot detect changes in color temperature. The vast majority of points fall within this area.

The Samsung UN46B6000VF features a series of LEDs for backlighting. This backlighting dramatically improves picture contrast. It also expands the range of gray tones. In addition to that, LED backlighting requires less power. This means that Samsung LED HDTVs are 40% more energy-efficient than conventional LCD sets.


The UN46B6000VF from Samsung is one of the thinnest TVs I have ever tested, at only 1.2 inches thick. The competition has gone even thinner, and they are trying to make their televisions as thin as a pancake. Weighing less than forty pounds, the UN46B6000VF is perfect for a living room or den.


The Samsung UN46B6000VF is one of the best-selling televisions in the world, and it offers great performance, but at an affordable price. We tested this television using a variety of computer sources, and it resolved every line in a 1,920×1,080-pixel image. However, we weren’t able to test its power consumption. This is a common problem with most TVs of this type, and the UN46B6000VF is no exception.

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