Samsung UN46B7000WF Review

The Samsung UN46B7000WF is an excellent flat-panel monitor that delivers good picture quality and connectivity. However, despite its thin design, it suffers from a blueish tint in the blacks. To find out whether this TV is the right choice for you, read on to learn more about this product.

Good picture quality

The Samsung UNB7000 delivers good picture quality in standard definition. It handled every line in a DVD source and looked good in shots of grass and steps. Under natural light, it also handled skin tones well. It tended to be a little less saturated than other displays we’ve tested, though.

Good connectivity

The UN46B7000WF is a good choice for users who want a compact monitor with a variety of connections. The model has two USB ports for connecting peripherals, and it also has an ethernet port for connecting to the internet. The USB ports can be used to view content from external devices, and the ethernet port allows users to access services such as Yahoo Widgets and Samsung Infolink. The model also comes with 2GB of internal flash storage.

Thin design

The UNB7000 has a slim design and features four HDMI inputs, a single component video input, and two USB ports. Its USB ports are easy to access and can be used to charge devices such as USB drives or digital cameras. This model’s design also features a convenient “E-manual” inserted into a USB port.

The UNB7000 has a 1.2-inch thick screen at its thickest point, and gets thinner as you move toward its edges. It comes with a special flush wall mount, as well as a stand. Its outer transparent edge has a subtle red border. There is only one color in this series – red. Alternatively, you can choose from the gray 7100 series.

bluish tinge in blacks

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Price of UN46B7000WF: The UN46B7000WF is a 46-inch monitor. The screen features edge-lit LED backlighting. This new technology drastically improves contrast, increases gray tones, and increases the number of available colors. The LED backlighting also saves power. The Samsung UN46B7000WF uses about 40 percent less power than conventional LCD TVs.

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