Samsung UN46B7000WF Review

UNF5000AF picture quality

The Samsung UNF5000AF series is an affordable way to get a quality screen without shelling out a lot of money. These TVs have 60Hz refresh rates, 1080p resolution, and strong LED backlighting. They come in 46 and 50-inch models and are aimed at budget-conscious television buyers. While the price may make you think that you’re compromising on picture quality, it’s not true.

The UNF5000AF’s picture quality is good, but its picture fidelity isn’t great. The screen isn’t as vibrant as some of its peers and lacks a 10-point grayscale setting. It also has a very low color saturation. You can improve picture quality by switching to a lower backlight setting.

Auto Motion Plus technology

Auto Motion Plus technology can make your video look smoother, but it can also make it look choppy. It depends on the type of content you’re watching. Most movies and video games use 24 frames per second, but it can make them look static or distorted if you’re not watching them in this frame rate.

You can turn Auto Motion Plus off or on depending on the content. Unless you play fast-paced games, this feature is not necessary. However, it can improve your video game’s graphics and reduce input lag. However, it may not be needed for games or movies that move slowly, though it can be useful for sports fans.

Auto Motion Plus technology gives your television a smoother picture, making the images appear more realistic. It also minimizes motion blur. The extra frames help the TV’s frame rate increase by two times. As a result, the real frequency of the show will be 120 or 240 hertz.

Auto Motion Plus technology on Samsung TVs removes ghosting from fast-moving images. Samsung calls these features Auto Motion Plus and Picture Clarity, and they look great on live TV. However, most movies and videos are shot at 24 frames per second, so the smooth motion created by Auto Motion Plus is not as smooth as it should be. Fortunately, users can adjust Auto Motion Plus and Picture Expert settings in order to get the best picture quality.

Color accuracy

The Samsung UNB7000WF scored well in color decoding and color accuracy tests, but its color accuracy declined slightly in very dark areas. For example, the color of Connelly’s skin was suitably pale under hospital lights, but her skin was not overly yellow green or ruddy. Skin tones also looked good in natural light, though they appeared slightly less saturated than on other displays. We suspect that the issue may have been a result of the display’s gamma, or lack thereof.


The Samsung UN46B7000WF has a wide range of connectivity options. It has two USB ports and supports up to four HDMI inputs. It also has a rear-panel Ethernet port. Users can also connect thumb drives via the side-panel USB port. Alternatively, users can also opt for a wireless USB adapter to enjoy networking capabilities without the hassle of running an Ethernet cable.


The UN46B7000WF from Samsung features four HDMI inputs and a composite video input. It also offers CEC control, which allows you to use HDMI-equipped Samsung components. This feature eliminates the need to use a remote repeater system. It also features a component video input that doubles as a composite video input. The model also has two USB ports, one of which contains the included “E-manual.”

This Samsung LED TV features an edge-lit LED backlighting system. This innovative feature improves picture contrast and expands gray tones. It also improves color and image quality without draining the battery. As a result, it uses 40 percent less power than traditional LCD TVs.

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