Samsung UN46B7000WF Review

If you are looking for an affordable television for your home theater, then the Samsung UN46B7000WF may be right for you. This model has LED backlighting that improves color and contrast, while expanding gray tones. With this technology, you can also enjoy smoother pictures with less motion blur. As an added bonus, it does not use nearly as much power as other LCD TVs. In fact, it only consumes about 40% of the power of an equivalent conventional LCD TV.

Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology creates a smoother picture with less motion blur

When watching videos, Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology creates an overall smoother picture with less motion blur. Unlike traditional televisions, Samsung TVs do not repeat frames. Instead, they create six unique frames for each scene and estimate where objects should be on screen. Then, it regenerates those objects to make the motion look smoother. Adding objects is simple if a spinning object is the subject. Scenes containing people are more difficult.

When watching movies or videos, it’s important to understand how motion blur affects your image. It can appear in single objects or cover the entire screen. People notice this problem most when watching a face or a landscape. The correct settings for these videos depend on the type of film and refresh rate. In the picture options menu, you can adjust the amount of motion blur that appears. You can choose Smooth, Standard, or Clear, depending on your preference.

Typical film is shot at 24 frames per second and then played back at 30 frames per second. That means that two or three Pulldowns can result in juddering and blurring. While many people prefer the slightly less-than-perfect look of film, others enjoy the smoother picture that comes from higher refresh rates. Samsung HDTVs have Auto Motion Plus technology to correct this issue and deliver a smoother picture with less motion blur.

You can turn off the Auto Motion Plus feature in your TV’s advanced picture settings menu. This feature is usually turned off when you are watching films in Movie or Cinema mode. By turning it off, you can get a natural-looking video. You can switch off the feature if you don’t like the effect or prefer natural video. You can also use the TV remote to switch off Auto Motion Plus.

Video quality

The Samsung UNB7000WF produces solid picture quality when connected to a standard-definition source. The device handled every line in a DVD source, as well as shots of grass and steps. The picture quality also eliminated jaggies and noise from low-quality sources. The model we tested was 46 inches. We’ll be reviewing the UN55B7000 soon, but this review is still relevant.


The Samsung UN46B7000WF is a high-quality flat screen TV with four HDMI inputs, a component video input, and a wireless USB adapter. It also has CEC control, enabling you to operate HDMI-equipped Samsung components without the need for a remote repeater system. The component video input doubles as a composite input. The UN46B7000 supports thumb drives in its side USB port, and users can purchase a wireless USB adapter to enjoy networking capabilities without an Ethernet cable.

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