Samsung UN46B8000XF Review

The Samsung UN46B8000XF is a 46-inch LCD television that uses LED backlighting. This backlighting system increases the picture contrast and widens the color palette with more reds and greens. Additionally, LED backlighting requires less power. As a result, the UN46B8000 uses 40 percent less power than a conventional LCD set.

LED backlighting improves picture contrast

The LED backlighting system used by Samsung UN46B8000XF television significantly improves the picture contrast and the color gamut. It also expands the color palette to include more red and green hues. Furthermore, LED backlighting is energy efficient, consuming less power than a conventional LCD set.

This backlighting technology is more efficient than CCFLs and is more compact. It addresses the contrast problem inherent in LCD and plasma TVs. Plasmas have a distinct advantage over LCDs because they have the ability to selectively turn off a cell, whereas CCFL backlighting cannot turn off a section of the screen. LEDs, however, rapidly turn on and off to make a specific area truly black.

LED backlighting can take one of two forms: an array of LEDs spread across the screen area or edge-mounted LEDs with a light diffusion panel. The former is the most common and most efficient method, but it is not as energy-efficient. Moreover, it allows thinner panels, but does not allow selective dimming. However, this method is limited by its limited contrast. LEDs used in LCD screens can be white or a combination of red, green, and blue LEDs.

LED backlighting has several benefits for picture quality. LEDs can increase contrast and enhance picture brightness while also allowing for a wider dynamic range. Furthermore, they do not contain mercury, which is a common problem with other backlighting techniques. This technology also offers greater control over the brightness of the picture.

As an added benefit, these LEDs produce white light more efficiently than white LEDs. Furthermore, they can be calibrated to match the transmission spectra of LCD color filters. However, they are expensive and occupy more space. And since three separate devices are used in the LED backlight, they take up more space than a traditional LCD panel.

SRS TruSurround HD creates “phantom speakers”

The SRS TruSurround HD can process up to seven channels of audio to create an immersive surround sound experience. The result is a 3D sound field with deep bass, crisp dialog, and a sense of phantom speakers all around you. The system also incorporates a center control feature to control the surround sound effect from any location in the room.

The company claims that the technology is “so realistic, you won’t even know you’re watching a TV.” The technology is based on a proprietary algorithm that simulates the physical surround sound effect, and is compatible with most modern audio systems.

The UN55C9000 has SRS TruSurround HD, which simulates surround sound with “phantom speakers” that can be located anywhere in the room. The system works with JPEG picture files and MP3 files to create the illusion of surround sound. Several dozen audio file formats can be played by the UN55C9000.

The SRS TruSurround HD also utilizes proprietary algorithms that optimize the perceived bass response. The technology compensates for center speaker designs and subwoofers without tweeters, delivering immersive sound all around the listener. Tensilica’s HiFi 2 Audio Engine is the company’s most popular audio processor core for SOC designs. The company’s customers expect to ship over 100 million HiFi 2 audio engine-enabled processor cores this year.

SRS TruSurround HD was developed by SRS Labs. The company began with audio technologies developed at Hughes Aircraft. It now holds more than 150 patents and is recognized as a leading authority in the field of human auditory science. Its technologies have been used in over a billion electronic products worldwide. Today, it is considered the de-facto standard for HDTV audio processing.

Analog AV input

The UN46B8000XF from Samsung offers cutting-edge technology, a stylish design, and advanced multimedia features in a 46-inch television. It comes with an LED backlight to provide a stunning picture, and a reflective acrylic highlight on the cabinet gives it a picture-frame style. It is also one of the slimmest HDTVs on the market, with a depth of just over an inch.


If you’re thinking about buying a new television, you might be wondering how much the Samsung UN46B8000XF costs. This model has four HDMI inputs and a component video input. The HDMI inputs offer “CEC” control, which means that compatible Samsung components can be controlled directly by the television. The component video inputs can also double as composite inputs. In addition to the standard HDMI connections, the UN46B8000XF has an optional wireless USB adapter for networking.

Another feature that this model has is a 240Hz screen refresh rate. This feature allows for the sharpest possible picture quality. Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology inserts three new frames between each original frame. This feature makes it possible to watch videos with perfect image quality, even when the video is moving at a high speed. Furthermore, this Samsung LCD set is energy-efficient – it consumes 40% less power than a conventional LCD set.

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