Samsung UN46B8000XF Review

This Samsung UN46B8000XF review will cover many of the features that make this model so impressive. We’ll talk about the Auto Motion Plus technology, SRS TruSurround HD, LED backlighting, and Analog AV input. There are also some key features that we don’t want to miss, so keep reading to find out which ones you should prioritize over others. Also, we’ll cover the Samsung Smart Hub, which connects to your home entertainment system, and Analog AV input.

Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology

Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology UN46b8000xf is a great way to get the best picture quality on an LCD television. Unlike traditional televisions, which repeat each frame, the UN46B8000XF creates six unique frames instead of the usual 30. When viewing a movie, Auto Motion Plus estimates where objects are in relation to the other frames on the screen. It then regenerates them for smoother motion. Adding objects to the screen is easy when watching a spinning object; however, adding people and other scenes can get more complicated.

Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus technology also makes it easy to toggle between different settings for your content. You can set the quality of high-definition broadcasts and films and switch to low-quality broadcasts when needed. This technology is also great for people who want to watch movies and television shows without any interruptions. You can also use Auto Motion Plus to watch movies or games. Using this technology will give you the best picture quality possible, so you can enjoy all your favorite shows and films without a single hitch.

The Samsung UN46B8000XF offers a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, a sleek design, and the latest multimedia features. Its LED backlight provides a beautiful picture. The cabinet is accented with reflective acrylic to give it a picture-frame look. With just over an inch of depth, this is one of the thinnest HDTVs on the market.

SRS TruSurround HD

If you’re looking for a high-quality TV that features surround sound, consider the SRS TruSurround HD. This model’s built-in speakers enable you to enjoy 5.1-channel audio through your television. In addition to providing excellent sound quality, the SRS TruSurround HD offers an Equalizer to customize your audio levels. However, if you’re apprehensive about the sound quality, you can always go back to the default levels for your television.

The SRS TSHD technology, developed by Arnold Klayman in the early 1980s, helps you hear sound much louder than the average television. You can activate this feature using the remote control by pressing the MENU/OK button on the remote control. After you’ve turned it on, you can turn it off by pressing the MENU/OK button. It also provides surround sound illusion.

A high-end model would cost you around $2000. The UN46B8000XF uses SRS TruSurround HD technology to enhance the audio and video experience. During the test, we saw no judder or motion lag, although the AutoMotionPlus feature was turned off. Other features included picture-in-picture, and a QAM tuner for NTSC and ATSC signals.

The SRS TruSurround HD UN46b8000XF offers a wide range of multimedia entertainment options, including Netflix. A rear Ethernet port enables you to access Yahoo! Widgets, which include Yahoo! News, Flickr, and USA Today. You can also plug in thumb drives to access the TV’s USB port. The optional wireless USB adapter lets you enjoy the networking capabilities of the SRS TruSurround HD UN46B8000XF without having to deal with the hassle of running an Ethernet cable.

LED backlighting

The LED backlighting on the UN46B8000XF is an excellent choice for this model’s recessed bezel. The light emitted by the LEDs is more even and produces less contrast than fluorescent backlighting. The contrast ratio is a bit lower than fluorescent backlighting, but it is still acceptable. This TV is also a great option for users who want to enjoy high-definition pictures without sacrificing quality.

Another benefit of LED backlighting is greater control over the amount of light being emitted. LED backlighting can be easily adjusted, so a television that features a dimming control can adjust brightness. Samsung, LG, and Metz prefer to use this technology. White LEDs provide most of the backlighting on televisions, but more expensive RGB LEDs offer a wider color gamut. Sony, on the other hand, uses both types of LEDs.

Another feature of this TV is its ultra-slim design. The UN46B8000XF has a remarkably slim design and combines innovative multimedia features with cutting-edge technology. The LED backlighting provides a beautiful picture and the cabinet features a reflective acrylic highlight that gives it a picture-frame-like look. At a depth of less than one inch, the UN46B8000XF is one of the thinnest HDTVs available.

An LED backlight on an LCD panel makes the pixels appear brighter and richer. This technology is not used in every LCD TV, as some still use CCFL lighting. While CCFL displays have a poor contrast ratio, LED backlighting on UN46B8000XF has a better contrast ratio. The contrast ratio of this TV is 5,000,000:1 which is an impressive feat for an LCD panel.

Analog AV input

Besides the AV inputs, this television is also fitted with an elegant swivel base. However, the presence of two separate analog AV inputs suggests that it is predominantly wall-mounted. Nonetheless, Samsung offers a separate Ultra Slim wall mount for an additional $250. If you plan on buying this TV, here are some tips that will help you choose the right model. Listed below are some of the best models available in the market.


The Samsung UN46B8000XF is available for around $700. The TV’s LED backlighting system dramatically improves picture contrast and the range of colors it can display. The LED technology also cuts power consumption by 40%, so the UN46B8000 uses less electricity than a conventional LCD set. There are no built-in TV menus, but Samsung has provided an overlaid Menu system that is well laid out and comprehensive. It is, however, not as quick to navigate as its LCD counterpart.

The Samsung UN46B8000 features a 240Hz screen refresh rate. The company’s Auto Motion Plus technology automatically inserts three new frames in between original frames for a smoother and sharper picture than on other LCD sets. Its enriched color processing also helps produce more lifelike and crisper images. In addition, the Samsung UN46B8000 is eco-friendly, which makes it a great choice for the home.

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