Samsung UN46B8500XF Review

My UN46B8500XF review will focus on the features and picture quality of this television. I’ll also discuss black levels and the presence of an Analog AV input. Overall, I’m impressed with this television and think it’s a good value for the price.


The UN46B8500XF is a smart television with a lot of features. It has four HDMI inputs, a VGA input, and a component AV series port. This television is also equipped with two USB ports so you can plug in your hard drive and thumb drive. You also get digital audio output and analog audio out.

Samsung UN46B8500XF comes with a mini remote control, which can be used to control your TV. This remote control comes with additional features such as a cleaning cloth, a CD-ROM software, and an instruction manual. This TV is made of glossy plastic and a glossy surface.

Picture quality

When it comes to picture quality, the UN46B8500XF is right at the top. Using 4 different video modes, it offers dramatic changes in the way pictures look. Its 240Hz refresh rate improves motion resolution, but the difference isn’t so noticeable for most viewers. Samsung’s Auto Motion Plus dejudder processing is also included, so you can set the amount of noise you want to hear during playback.

Another feature worth noting is its Internet connectivity. The UN46B8500VF offers easy access to YouTube and Blockbuster on Demand, among other instant content feeds. It also comes with a range of ports and audio outputs. It has four HDMI inputs, one component and one composite input, making it a versatile option for connecting a PC.

When comparing different brands of TVs, we can tell the difference by measuring the contrast ratio and colour temperature. The UN46B8500XF has a much higher contrast ratio than the Panasonic TC-P50U1, and it offers better color temperature consistency. This TV also meets rec. 709 color standards, and it has excellent motion performance.

Black levels

Black levels are a critical area in display technology and can either make or break the viewing experience. A deep, solid black can make bright objects appear more vivid. It can also help images appear more three-dimensional. In order to improve black levels, many televisions have several settings.

The black levels of the UN46B8500XF are most noticeable in the darkest scenes. The silhouette of Dreiberg appeared a lot inky and the letterbox bars were also much deeper. Although this effect was less noticeable in brighter scenes, we found that every scene on the 8500’s screen was more immersive due to its exceptionally deep black levels.

The Samsung UN46B8500XF is an excellent choice for people who want a television that offers good black levels. It produces deep shadow details in films and matches top-performing plasma televisions. It also offers black levels support, which can improve the viewing experience and enhance the other colors.

Analog AV input

The Samsung UN46B8500XF has an array of inputs. It offers four HDMI inputs, two component AV series ports, a PC input and audio output. It also offers an analog AV input. Unlike most TVs, the UN46B8500XF includes a component AV input that doubles as an analog AV output.

The Samsung UN46B8500XF has an excellent picture quality and good sound. It also has a decent array of features, including internet connectivity. Despite its price tag of nearly $3600, this TV isn’t overly expensive, and it’s not a bad buy if you’re on a budget.


The Samsung UN46B8500XF is an excellent option for people looking for a large-screen television with a slim profile. It features four HDMI inputs and a VGA input, along with a component AV series of ports that doubles as a composite AV port. It also has two USB ports that allow you to connect a hard drive and a thumb drive. The downside is that it doesn’t support iPods.

While the LG 47LH90 has more ports and is more convenient for connecting to other devices, the Samsung UN46B8500XF is a better choice for ultra-modern home theaters. In addition, it includes all the internet connectivity you could possibly need. It is a solid choice for any home entertainment system that uses a computer, but there are also some features that make it unsuitable for home use.

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