Samsung UN46C6300SF Review

The Samsung UN46C6300SF is a 46-inch 1080p LED television with a unique floating effect. The 1.1-inch-thin panel gives you a unique viewing experience. What’s more, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Sound quality

The Samsung UN46C6300SF offers decent audio quality and is relatively easy to use. It has five preset sound modes and a 50-channel equalizer. It also includes a surround sound emulator. The sound is also supported by Samsung’s toll-free customer support.

Contrast degrades at around 45 Hz off axis

In order to determine the maximum contrast at which the image is degraded, one must first determine the contrast range. This can be determined by measuring the contrast ratio as a function of F#. Then, one can look at the MTF of the combined system-detector system. This contrast measure provides an indication of the pixel-detector contrast at a range of channel SNRs.

Auto motion feature

The Auto motion feature of Samsung’s UN46C6300SF television is a great way to enjoy your digital content on your television. This feature allows you to connect more than one PC to the TV so that you can enjoy your content on multiple screens. Its 120 Hz auto motion eliminates motion blur and provides smooth, non-repetitive transitions.


The Samsung UN46C6300SF is a home theater sound bar with a wireless capability and an ethernet port. It also features two USB ports for connecting to USB mass storage devices or full-sized hard drives. The two USB ports are placed on the side and bottom, so you can easily access them when you need to connect to your device.

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