Samsung UN46C6300SF Review

The UN46C6300SF is Samsung’s 46″ 1080p LED TV, and in this review we’ll take a look at its price, features, and video modes. Although the audio quality isn’t stellar, it’s decent enough to be useful. It also has plenty of menu options, including a 50-channel equalizer and five preset modes. It even has a surround sound emulator.

Samsung UN46C6300SF 46″ 1080p LED TV

The Samsung UN46C6300SF 46″ full HD LED TV is a perfect union of art and technology. It features an ultra clear panel with a high-transparency ratio and Samsung’s mega contrast, which adjusts the LED backlight for each frame. This new technology produces a perfect balance of whites and blacks and increases contrast and depth. It also improves the transparency ratio, reducing out-of-light reflections.

The new TV features a sharper, more accurate picture than its predecessors. It also has numerous picture quality settings to enhance the viewing experience. These settings include PC mode, Edge Enhancement, and Dynamic Contrast. Users can also enable the xvYCC mode to expand color space and detail.

The Samsung UN46C6300SF 46″ HDTV also has two USB ports, which are useful for connecting external devices such as USB hard drives and mass storage devices. You can use these ports to play music, movies, and photos. You can view them individually or put them into a slideshow.

The Samsung UN46C6300SF 46″ HDTV is a 46″ high definition LED TV that comes with web connectivity. It also has a web-connected Samsung Apps platform. It also features Samsung’s Real240HzaC/ technology, which virtually eliminates motion blur while delivering a sharp, crisp 1080p high definition picture. Samsung’s 4,000,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio is another great feature of this HDTV.

Setting up the Internet on this TV is simple and quick. You can choose between a local area network (LAN) and a wireless connection. If you’re using the TV on a local network, you can connect it with a Cat 5 cable or an external modem. Once you’ve installed the network, you can connect the TV to the router.


The Samsung UN46C6300SF has a large screen with grey accents and a plastic bezel. The screen has touch-sensitive areas for channel up/down and volume. The rest of the TV is bare, with a few buttons and a port in the shape of an L. While these buttons are easy to reach, they are sometimes difficult to use.

To properly use your UN46C6300, you will need to install the appropriate device driver for your computer. This driver is provided with the monitor, and you can install it by following the instructions provided. The device driver is the software that connects the Monitor to your computer. If the driver is outdated or corrupt, it can lead to the device not functioning correctly.


The Samsung UN46C6300SF is a good value for its price. It offers decent audio quality and a range of menu settings. It also has a 50-channel equalizer and five preset modes. It supports DLNA home theater networks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Samsung internet streaming content.

Video modes

The UN46C6300SF features a number of different video modes. To learn more about how to set the different video modes on this television, read the user manual provided with the unit. It can also be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. It also has an FAQ section, which will answer many questions.

Audio quality

The Samsung UN46C6300SF’s audio quality is good and does not suffer from any noticeable issues. There are many menu options to customize the sound quality, including a 50-channel equalizer, five preset sound modes, and surround sound emulator. The manual is 8.92 MB, but it will still arrive within a few minutes if you enter the correct email address.

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