Samsung UN46C6400RF Review – Features, Issues and Solutions

This Samsung UN46C6400RF review focuses on the main features, issues and solutions of this television. Despite its impressive specs and high price, this television is not without its flaws. Here are some issues to keep in mind before making a purchase. The web browser is slow and lacks a fast response. The Samsung Smart Touch remote is convenient and has a microphone built in. It is also compatible with apps and supports cable integration. The picture quality is basic, so expect to pay a little more.


If you have recently purchased a new Samsung LED TV, you may be facing issues with the device’s firmware. The latest version of Samsung UN46C6400RF LED TV firmware is 1035.0, which can cause your device to malfunction, compromise its security, and even cause total damage. To solve these issues, the manufacturer of Samsung devices has been releasing new firmware and drivers to fix common errors.

First, you should make sure to enable the automatic update feature on your computer. This feature will automatically update your Samsung LED TV’s firmware, so you do not have to worry about manually updating the firmware. Once you enable the feature, the firmware will be installed on your computer. If you don’t see any update notices, you can manually install the firmware by visiting the Samsung website and selecting “Firmware Update.”


If you are using the Samsung UN46C6400RF LED TV, you might have encountered a problem with its firmware 1035.0. This problem can cause your device to work improperly and can lower its security. In some cases, it can also result in total device damage. In such cases, you need to download the latest version of Samsung drivers and software to fix the error.


If you’re having trouble with your LED TV UN46C6400RFXZA, you might be wondering what exactly the problem is. In most cases, it has to do with software programs that you don’t have or are incompatible with your TV. This can result in data loss. The good news is that most of these problems are typically resolvable by working with the software on your LED TV.

For instance, UN46C6400RF has a display resolution of 1920×1080. It’s also non-condensing and is compatible with a wide range of operating temperatures. It also comes with a humidity range of 10% to 80%. The screen’s diagonal measurement is 55 inches.

Samsung UN46C6400RF review

With a 46-inch frame, the Samsung UN46C6400RF is an LED HDTV that boasts a surprisingly slim design. It uses Auto Motion 120Hz refresh technology to deliver clearer videos and animation scenes. With a full 1080p resolution, it also includes an ATSC/Clear QAM tuner. Overall, it’s a good TV, but there are a few drawbacks.

It has a solid performance, with solid black levels and an almost perfect white balance. It’s also above average in terms of motion performance. It comes with excellent Movie mode settings and only requires a few minor adjustments to achieve the best picture quality. Samsung’s UN46C6400RF is a solid TV for the price, but there are better options out there.

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