Samsung UN46C6500VF Review

In this Samsung UN46C6500VF review we’ll take a closer look at color accuracy, value for money, and the set-up menu. We’ll also discuss the set-up menu and the Eco menu. You can find all of these features and more below. We hope this review will help you make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase this television. It’s the perfect place to begin your shopping for a new TV!

Color accuracy

While the UN46C6500VF offers solid color accuracy, it does have some limitations. Darker scenes showed a slight bluish cast, perhaps because the primary color of red shifts more towards blue. This bluish tone remained even in bright areas, including black areas and shadows. Overall, the UN46C6500VF is very accurate at reproduction of colors, but further improvements are needed to make this model more appealing to consumers.

In our tests, the UN46C6500VF outperformed edge-lit LED-based models from Sony, LG, and Panasonic, but it was not up to the level of Vizio and Panasonic models. The biggest difference between the UNC6500VF and its competitors came in the darkest scenes, with the latter having deeper letterbox bars, more realistic black shadows, and smoother shadows.

The UN46C6500VF had a color accuracy above 1 DE, which is the accepted limit for tooth color replication by 50% of humans. By contrast, three of the four camera/calibration models fell below this threshold, including the Canon D60/CMOS sensor with TI. However, even cheap digital cameras can be used to reproduce tooth color accurately, so long as they are calibrated properly. When using a camera calibration model, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up your system.

The color difference between the measured and reported data was 0.71. The intercept is not statistically significant. This means that the color difference between measured and manufacturer’s data was 1.32 (0.71).

Value for money

The UN46C6500VF is a TV with an excellent picture quality and a large selection of inputs. It offers fantastic internet apps. There are six aspect ratios to choose from, including portrait and landscape. The contrast on this model is better than the 6300’s, and the picture is heavy and vibrant. Its rounded corners make it easy to use and set the room temperature. The Samsung UN46C6500VF is an excellent choice for a family room, as it comes with many features that other TVs lack.

Setup menu

The UN46C6500VF comes with a host of great features, including a built-in Ethernet port and Internet TV. The Internet TV features 120Hz Clear Motion technology for action with dazzling clarity. The gaming-friendly Game Mode optimizes contrast and sharpness and accelerates image processing. The set-up menu has a wealth of other features as well. Here are just a few. Read on to learn about these features and how to customize your television to meet your needs.

Eco menu

Samsung’s UN46C6500VF LED TV offers a number of useful features. The TV has six aspect ratios, including four:3:2, five:4:3 and 16:9. It also has a built-in Ethernet port, which gives you access to a wealth of online content. The TV’s 120Hz Clear Motion technology ensures action is displayed with striking clarity. The TV also features Game Mode, which optimizes contrast and sharpness, while accelerating image processing.

Image quality

The UN46C6500VF offers solid color and black levels, but you can expect some issues in the darker scenes. The primary color, red, shifted toward blue, resulting in an overall bluish tint. This cast persisted even in brighter areas, with black and near-black shadows showing a bluish tone. Although this was not a significant issue, it is worth noting that some images were overly saturated, and that the color range was surprisingly flat.

The UNC6500VF’s image quality was on par with other edge-lit models we tested, although it lacked the overall black level of the UNC8000, Samsung’s flagship hybrid dimmer. While its black level was deeper than most edge-lit displays, overall image black levels were unspectacular. In contrast, the color accuracy was solid in bright areas, but declined as the image darkened. While there are some typical flaws with this model, it remains a good choice for those who need a large, high-quality display.

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