Samsung UN46C6800UF LED TV Review

This 46-inch LED TV from Samsung is equipped with a wide array of features. The unit supports internet connectivity and comes with Samsung Apps, which open doors to many services. In addition to this, it supports DLNA, which allows your other connectable electronics to sync with your TV and display remote content on the screen. So, if you’re in the market for a new TV, it’s worth checking out the UN46C6800UF.

SAMSUNG UN46C6800UF 46″ 1080p LED TV

This Samsung UN46C6800UF 46″ 1040p LED TV boasts a surprisingly low price. At $1299 at authorized online retailers, the 46″ C6300 costs a little over $200 less than the more expensive Samsung UN46C6800UF. While this television’s features and performance are similar, the 46C6300 boasts a slimmer profile and full Internet connectivity. Other notable features of this TV include its superior build quality, a thin depth, and sleek looks. In addition, the C6300 is slightly cheaper than last year’s model and features an average LED backlit LCD. The only drawbacks of the C6300 are that it’s not 3D ready, and it lacks Samsung’s Internet Apps.

With a touch of color black bezel and a slim-profile design, this Samsung TV also has plenty to offer. With Dynamic Contrast technology, you can enjoy vivid, detailed images even in areas with less light. Precision Dimming incorporates local dimming technology into LED edge-lighting, resulting in a 7 million:1 contrast ratio. Lastly, the UN46C6800UF’s 120Hz Clear Motion Rate lets you watch fast action scenes in crystal clarity.

Before installing the SAMSUNG UN46C6800UF, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You should not use the same TV channel for long periods of time. Instead, try to switch on the full-screen mode or set the brightness and contrast to minimize screen burn. Additionally, make sure to place the television at least a foot away from any walls or other objects. Failure to do so can result in a fire or a malfunction in the product. Also, make sure to use Samsung-approved parts.

Users will appreciate the centralized menu with Samsung’s intuitive controls. You can easily switch between profiles by using the Switch Profile feature. It is possible to switch between the two profiles, but you should first register two profiles. This option is only available on select models. You may be limited to certain services, like movies, apps, or other content. If you have a Samsung mobile phone with a screenshare function, you can connect it to the SAMSUNG UN46C6800UF with a Bluetooth connection and enjoy its many benefits.

User guide

Download the User guide for UN46C6800UF from Samsung. The manual is available below, you can download it by clicking on its title. You can also view or print the manual online. You may also like to read a manual in your native language before you buy a product. If you cannot find the manual, you may try Lastmanuals. The service is socially driven, so you don’t have to pay a fee to view or download it.

The manual includes step-by-step instructions, images, and a user’s guide. Most manuals include a written guide and associated illustrations. For example, computer applications usually come with screenshots of HMI and simplified diagrams. Despite the fact that many manuals are written for a general audience, jargon is limited. Some ancient devices have even been found with user guides. An example is the Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient Greek analogue computer. It contains passages of text that describe the mechanism’s features.


The SAMSUNG UN46C6800UF LED TV repair guide is a comprehensive service manual which comes with a technical training guide and high-resolution pages. It also contains a mode of operation, utilisation notice, and user’s guide. Listed below are its main features. The manual is available in French and contains 18227 Ko. The guide to the user’s guide contains complete instructions and detailed illustrations.


The UN46C6800UF comes with a one-year limited warranty. You can take advantage of this warranty if you are experiencing an issue with your television. You must take your television to a SAMSUNG Authorized Service Center for warranty repair. To qualify, you must present your Original Limited Warranty Statement and a dated Bill of Sale. You must also pay for transportation to and from the Service Center. The warranty covers only certain conditions, including manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship, and normal use of the product. It does not cover accessories, upgrades, or consumables.

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