Samsung UN46C6800UF Review

In this Samsung UN46C6800UF review, we take a look at the features and functions of this television. We cover auto-dimming, video modes, audio quality, and media player. This television is also backed by a one-year parts warranty and offers toll-free support.

Samsung UN46C6300 video modes

The Samsung UN46C6300 comes with several video modes, including a variety of high-definition formats. The TV also has a local dimming processing capability, which lets individual segments of the screen dim independently. This is a relatively new feature for LED-edge-lit TVs. It also has a 3D mode, which supports 2D-to-3D conversion and multiple 3D formats. This ensures compatibility with 3D broadcasts and Blu-ray discs. It also features a side-by-side 3D mode, which reduces film judder and displays a 100Hz refresh rate for each eye.

Samsung UN46C6300 auto-dimming

Auto-dimming is a useful feature that improves the contrast of a black-and-white picture. It can make white text on a black background look more realistic. In addition, the auto-dimming feature can adjust the brightness of the screen to accommodate the ambient light. Samsung claims that this feature is environmentally friendly.

The auto-dimming feature is a nice feature, but it has one major drawback. The Samsung UN46C6300 auto-dimming feature drastically affects the contrast of the picture, and it is difficult to turn off. Although Samsung acknowledges this issue, it refuses to release a fix or update that will make the feature more usable.

The UN46C6300 is a 46-inch 1080p LED television. The screen’s ultra-thin 1.1-inch wafer-thin design creates an illusion of floating objects. This feature is just one of the benefits of Samsung’s ultra-thin panel. The TV also features an excellent speaker system, which is an added bonus.

The Samsung UN46C6300 scored well in color performance, but the Sony 46EX700 had a slight edge in our comparison. While it had slightly higher contrast, it had a harder time maintaining a stable color temperature. Sony’s 46EX700 also tended to have smoother color transitions. It also offers Sony streaming content and has an additional component AV input.

Samsung UN46C6300 media player

The Samsung UN46C6300 media player can play back photos loaded from USB hard drives and mass storage devices. The interface is easy to navigate and quickly recognizes the device connected to it. It also offers an option to view photos one at a time or create a slideshow. It is also compatible with DLNA home theater networks.

The Samsung UN46C6300 has a 45-button remote with a backlight and hard plastic d-pad. The remote is compatible with other Samsung AV devices that have the “Anynet+” logo. This is not a programmable universal remote, but it does work with many brands of AV devices. It also ships with a stand, batteries, an instruction manual, and a cleaning cloth.

The audio quality on the Samsung UN46C6300 is quite good. There are no glaring issues with the device’s speakers, and it does a decent job of delivering music and movies. It has a good number of menu options, including a 50-channel equalizer and five preset sound modes. Moreover, the player can also be set to work in surround sound, which is helpful if you’re watching movies in a theater.

If you are looking for a media player with a large LCD screen, the Samsung UN46C6300 may be the model for you. The display is nice, but it’s far from perfect. In addition, it lacks features like 3D. For example, the screen is slightly too bright and sometimes loses dark shadow detail. The contrast is also inconsistent, especially when tilted at 45 degrees from the axis.

Another advantage of this Samsung media player is its ability to support a high number of streaming services. It offers HBO Go and other content on demand. There are also hundreds of apps available. These include Pandora, Spotify, Fios TV, Amazon Cloud Player, AOL On, Fitness VOD, and Kids games. We will talk more about these features in the UN46C6300 media player review, as well as how to set it up.

The color performance of the Samsung UN46C6300 is inconsistent, and we didn’t like that. It wasn’t always consistent with the color temperature, and it tended to look washed out in black scenes. In contrast, the Sony 46EX700 managed to maintain a more consistent color temperature and offers special features to smooth motion.

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