Samsung UN46C6800UF Review

In this Samsung UN46C6800UF review, we’ll take a look at this 42-inch LED TV’s specs and features. We’ll also compare it to the Sony 46EX700 and Panasonic 42-inch GT25. While there’s a lot to like about this TV, it does have a few shortcomings. First of all, it doesn’t come with all the accessories it should come with. You’ll need to buy batteries and a remote control to get started. You’ll also need a warranty card and a safety guide. A power cord and a blanking bracket are also required. Likewise, you’ll need a screwdriver or a cable tie to mount it.

Samsung UN46C6800UF

This Samsung UN46C6800UF review looks at the performance of the unit, which includes multiple audio enhancement technologies, including Dolby Digital, DTS, and Samsung DNSe. In addition, the product comes with a one-year parts warranty and toll-free customer support.

The Samsung UN46C6800UF is a 46-inch 1080p LED television that boasts a 144Hz refresh rate, enabling smooth and clear images. It also features Auto Motion Plus dejudder control, which lets you adjust the blur reduction and smoothness of motion. It also offers a web-ready feature and is DLNA certified.

The Samsung UN46C6800UF offers plenty of features for a low price. It offers great picture quality, excellent connectivity, and an excellent user interface. The TV has a lot of content, including BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. However, some of its downsides are its poor picture presets and inconsistent backlighting.

Sony 46EX700

The Sony 46EX700 is a large, 65-inch LCD television that delivers exceptional picture quality. Its advanced picture settings include four color temperature presets and full white balance controls. The EX700 also offers two types of noise reduction, each with three levels of strength. It also features a CineMotion option that affects 2:3 pulldown. Although the EX700 has a lot of additional features, we recommend leaving most of them turned off to get the best picture quality.

The 46EX700 features an edge LED backlight and a slim design. It offers full HD resolution (1080p) with a 120 Hz refresh rate. It is also equipped with a 10-watt stereo speaker and an Ambient and Presence Sensor. It is also very easy to use, which is an important feature for many consumers.

There are numerous inputs on the Sony 46EX700 UN46C680UF, including an optical and coaxial digital input. It is also equipped with a USB port for media playback. It also comes with a Sony Bravia Sync remote that allows you to control other Sony devices.

The EX700 features an edge-lit LED scheme, which has many benefits for energy efficiency. It is thinner and lighter, but there are some tradeoffs with picture quality. It also shares most of the internet features of the Sony NX800, though it does lack built-in Wi-Fi and Yahoo Widgets.

In addition to the internet, the Sony 46EX700 UN46C68100UF comes with a Bluetooth interface, which is a great option for streaming music. The model also has a USB port for connecting to your PC. However, you cannot access Pandora, Slacker, or live radio streaming services. However, it does support Windows Media Player 11.

The EX700 also has a matte screen, which is better for bright rooms. Its stand is glossy black, but it doesn’t have tilt-back action like the NX800. It also uses less energy than its NX800 counterpart. It’s a great choice for people who don’t want a home theater centerpiece, but who want to watch movies over the Internet.

The LG and Sony TVs are similar in terms of color and brightness, with the LG being slightly larger. However, LG is more expensive, so you might want to wait until a sale to save some cash. In terms of contrast ratio, the Sony has more than the LG. However, the LG had shallower blacks than the Sony. However, the Sony has better color accuracy and a better viewing angle.

Panasonic 42-inch GT25

Panasonic has produced a new 42-inch plasma television that is as thin as it is attractive. The slim casing, complete with a bezel and speakers, measures just 40.2 inches in width, and the unit includes two HDMI inputs and a front-panel composite input. The picture quality is excellent, and the unit’s black levels and contrast are among the industry’s best.

The new GT25 series has a number of improvements over previous models. For example, the new models have a better black level than their predecessors, and are able to display more detail and finer detail than their predecessors. These improvements are due in part to the use of new short-throw phosphors, which Panasonic claims can reduce the appearance of ghosting and double images.

Another benefit is the addition of USB ports. This TV is also compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards, and supports Playback-AVCHD video. The display is capable of playing back video clips taken with a Panasonic camera. The LCD panel is easy to swivel and access, and the port placement is convenient. In addition, all ports are visible, making them easy to find and use.

The black levels are improved, especially in brighter rooms. Panasonic’s Infinite Black Panel rejects ambient light and minimizes the appearance of glass reflections, resulting in a higher black level. In addition, the display has less glare than LG’s reflective screen.

The overall design is stylish, too. It features a glossy black panel and a slim frame. Its bottom edge is slightly curved. It has a rounded design and a swivel base. Despite its slim profile, it still weighs a modest 57.3 pounds without its stand. The remote is easy to use and includes backlighting for key functions.

The sound quality is also good. The TV comes with a decent sound system that puts out 10 watts of power. But it lacks the realism that home theater aficionados would expect. However, it lacks a 5.1-channel surround sound system, so home theater enthusiasts should consider adding a separate 5.1-channel system to make the most of it.

Overall, the Samsung UN46C6800UF demonstrates superior color performance, while the Panasonic plasma displays a higher black level. Both have good viewing angles. Panasonic is a better overall option. It has an edge in terms of color performance, but Samsung’s TV has better contrast.

The price is competitive, with MSRP of $2,499 for the 42-inch GT25 UN46C6870UF. However, some big-box retailers will cost you between 10 to 20% more than that. Nevertheless, these TVs still offer a wide range of features.

The Panasonic TC-P42GT25 remote has a menu system that is easy to use and intuitive. The navigation buttons are large, and can be accessed without looking down. The remote also has a good d-pad and a red backlight.

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