Samsung UN46D6000SH Review

In this Samsung UN46D6000SH review, we look at the color performance of this monitor. We also look at the similarities and differences with the competing models. We compare the color accuracy of both the PRM2-11 and PRM2-11H models. The results show that both models are excellent and perform very well, but what are the differences between them?

Samsung UE46D6000SH

The Samsung UE46D6000SH is a big, high-end television that offers 3D. Its 3D system is active and full HD, and it uses a single pair of active shutter glasses. Its 2D to 3D conversion processing is among the best in mainstream TVs. The screen’s design is a combination of metal, glass, and plastic.

The picture quality of the UE46D8000 is generally good, with good colours and excellent contrast. However, you will need to calibrate the backlight level for the best results. Otherwise, it will be too bright, and it may cause your colours to look too saturated or too grey.

The UE46D8000 boasts a screen that is brighter and more vibrant than many competitors. It also uses 3D glasses that are Bluetooth fed. Its edge LED lighting system pumps out vibrant colours, and there’s very little physical bodywork to distract from the content. However, it does suffer from ghosting around images. This ghosting effect can distract from content and create the impression of an out-of-focus image.

Samsung UE46D7000

The Samsung UE46D7000SH is a 46in LCD TV with a slim black bezel. It is suitable for narrower AV racks and has edge LED backlighting. It also has a quad-core processor and inbuilt Freeview HD and satellite tuners. It also supports Samsung’s Smart TV services.

The screen quality is excellent, especially for 3D content. Samsung has made efforts to reduce the response time of 3D LCD TVs. It has also improved its 2D-3D converter, using five parameters. In addition, the screen can now auto detect side-by-side 3D images.

The Samsung UE46D7000SH has four HDMI inputs and a LAN jack. This jack is useful for connecting an online router or DLNA PC. It also has three USB ports. These are able to play most file formats and record video from the set’s Freeview tuners. The set also supports Wi-Fi.

The Samsung 46D7000SH has excellent picture quality, though the 46D7000 does have a few issues. It is less detailed than the 55D8000, and there’s some residual 3D crosstalk, although the amount is not very noticeable. The audio quality of this TV is also very good, as the Samsung 46D7000 enhances 2D material without exaggerating the source noise. It has a genuinely deep bass sound, clean trebles, and a very open mid-range.

Samsung UE46D6500

For the second year in a row, Samsung went with an under-display camera. The result is a camera that is more like an area with enlarged pixels than a quality camera. It struggles to take photos in low light, and is mainly used for teleconferencing.

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