Samsung UN46D6000SH Review

This LED backlit LCD TV comes with a few features that may make it appealing to some consumers. Though it does not support 3D, 240Hz, or AnyNet+, which allows you to communicate with other Samsung devices, this TV has a great value package. Its 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and PC slot make it a versatile TV with plenty of connectivity options. It also compresses component video into one input.


The Samsung NU7100 has a very similar user interface to the NU8000, but is lacking some advanced features. The interface is also quite simple with very few animations. The navigation is also a little bit sluggish, especially when accessing the menus from within apps. There are plenty of apps for download, but the process of accessing them is not very smooth.

The NU7100’s native panel refresh rate is 60Hz, which is adequate for most purposes, but it is not high enough for fast action games. The NU7100 also suffers from judder, especially during movie scenes with side-to-side panning. However, its Auto Motion Plus feature can help remove judder, and it can maintain 120Hz while in Game Mode.

The Samsung NU7100 is not as impressive as its larger siblings, such as the NU8000, which has a more robust remote. It does not support 3D, but it does support standard and HD signals. It also lacks an in-built sound bar, but its inbuilt speakers are adequate for most tasks. While the sound quality is good, it’s not as impressive as the larger models. As a result, it’s probably a better choice for people who do not need the highest resolution possible.

The Samsung NU7100 UN46D6000SH is a decent entry-level 4K monitor. It offers a good picture quality, though it’s not as crisp and clear as its competitors. Compared to the NU8000, it also offers a faster response time and better blacks.


This LED backlit LCD TV from Samsung has many attractive features. However, it lacks 3D support, 240Hz, or AnyNet+. In addition, its color fidelity is not up to par, and its total viewing angle is limited to just 30@. Still, it offers a value-packed package. Its connectivity options include 4 HDMI ports, a PC slot, and 3 USB ports. It also offers integrated Wi-Fi.


This high-performance linear stepper is a great choice for anyone who is looking to achieve high-quality, precise motion control. This high-end model comes with a servo motor for responsive control of all operational parameters. It is available in two computer models, the UN46D6000SH and the UN32D4000N. Both models have similar features, but differ slightly in price.

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